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Chongqing: there are piles of exquisite gift bags in the garbage cans after the National Day holiday

there are piles of exquisite bags and boxes in the garbage cans on the streets after the National Day holiday, and citizens express their pity for the waste of resources

exquisite fruit baskets, exquisite moon cake boxes... Yesterday, Yuzhong District sanitation workers ldquo; To resolve the production capacity, we must rely mainly on the market mechanism to clear the excess production capacity. We found that the "luxury garbage" such as exquisite packaging bags and boxes were piled up in roadside garbage cans

at noon yesterday, I saw in a garbage dump in houci street, chuqimen, Chongqing, some expired milk that had not been unpacked, together with exquisite moon cake boxes and high-end wine gift boxes, were piled in the smelly garbage dump

there are also some bad fruits and many moldy cooked foods such as bread, steamed bread and ham, as well as some exquisite fruit baskets in the garbage. A man in ragged clothes was picking up some paper shells and plastic with an iron hook

Master Li, the cleaner of Caiyuanba sanitation station, is responsible for cleaning the domestic garbage from chuqimen to Zhongxing Road. Yesterday, Master Li said that he was sure that there were 2 (3) manufacturers or brand enterprises. In recent days, dozens of new and exquisite gift boxes can be seen in the garbage cans, but those boxes of milk and hardcover wine and other items are out of date. Master Li claimed that picking up boxes and selling them during the National Day golden week increased his "income" by more than 400 yuan

seeing these "exquisite garbage" in the garbage dump, nearby residents expressed regret one after another. Mr. Wang, who works in a public institution, said, "during the Spring Festival, I always look at the gift packaging at home and worry. Sometimes I don't want to throw them away and leave them behind, but after a period of time, I still have to bite my teeth and lose them. Its main structure includes a rotary chuck that can rotate forward and backward."

Caiyuanba sanitation Institute said that these luxurious "garbage" that could have been recycled, after being thrown into the garbage dump by citizens, caused a serious waste of resources. According to reports, garbage removal and transportation peaks usually occur every Spring Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and national day, and "luxury garbage" accounts for a large part of the removal and transportation volume. This year's Mid Autumn Festival coincided with the National Day holiday. There were more exquisite moon cake boxes and wine food packaging than ever before, and more than doubled than usual

information source: Chongqing

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