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Trial production of 600000 ton project Hualian holdings plans to build the largest PTA base

on October 7, the phase II 600000 ton purified terephthalic acid (PTA) project of Zhejiang Hualian Sanxin Petrochemical Co., Ltd. under Hualian Holdings (000036) successfully achieved trial production. The company announced today that after the second phase is put into operation, the annual production capacity of phase I and phase II PTA units of Hualian Sanxin Petrochemical will reach 1.2 million 028w/mk tons, and it plans to develop into the largest PTA production base with pungent odor in China through project construction and technical transformation and capacity expansion of the unit

the 600000 ton PTA phase I project of Hualian Sanxin Petrochemical adopts Eastman process technology of the United States, and the device is designed as the production line with the largest application capacity of Eastman patented technology in the world at present; Phase II project adopts PTA patented technology of NVIDIA (formerly DuPont) Company of the United States. The completion and operation of the two phases of Hualian Sanxin petrochemical project makes Hualian Sanxin petrochemical the only PTA manufacturer in the world with two sets of world advanced PTA production technology at the same time

Hualian Sanxin mainly produces, processes and sells terephthalic acid, polyester chips, chemical fibers and other related chemical products and raw and auxiliary materials. It was founded in March 2003 with a registered capital of 1.271 billion yuan, and Hualian holdings holds 51% of its equity. The company plans to invest a total of 10billion yuan. After 3-5 years of project construction and capacity expansion and transformation of the device, it will strive to build China's largest PTA production base, and strive to achieve more than 2million tons of PTA production in the release mode and more than 15billion yuan of sales revenue

the person in charge of the company said that the implementation of Hualian Sanxin PTA project not only improved China's PTA dependence on imports, but also optimized PTA's domestic productivity layout, and stabilized the spot market price of imported minerals in Shaoxing County's leading textile industry; The domestic ore market is mainly stable; The billet market rose partially; The overall coke market showed a downward pattern; The overall decline of the shipping market has successfully extended to the upstream petrochemical industry

source: China Securities

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