Pilot plant for tower polymerization of yanshanize

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Yanhua styrene tower polymerization pilot plant

recently, the explosive growth of the power battery industry developed by Yanhua company has directly driven the shipment of the corresponding H3PO4 iron Li and 3-yuan cathode materials. The project of "bulk continuous styrene tower polymerization pilot plant" designed and developed by the Institute has passed the evaluation organized by Yanhua company. The pilot plant aims to develop new varieties and brands of polystyrene, and is the only pilot plant of this kind of polystyrene in China so far

in order to meet the needs of domestic polystyrene plant product structure adjustment and device process technology development, the Research Institute of Yanhua company has spent several years designing the first domestic bulk continuous styrene tower polymerization pilot plant on the basis of the original static mixing reactor, and has used the process of non meshing reverse twin-screw unit combined with tower reactor for the first time in China

the whole process is completed by one-time start-up of the device, which includes sol, prepolymerization, polymerization, granulation, heating, DCS control and other units. It is completely designed and constructed by the Institute itself. It has successfully produced ordinary grade polystyrene, patented products with independent intellectual property rights, high transparent impact polystyrene, high impact polystyrene and other brands, which provide important basic data for future industrial tests. Polymerization experiments show that the process flow of the pilot plant and the tower reactor are reasonable in structure and mixing mode, and the process control is stable. At present, Guangya aluminum began to produce aluminum profiles for Huawei, 3star and other enterprises. The system is simple and intuitive, and can carry out research work such as the development of new polystyrene products and process optimization

at the evaluation meeting, the experts attending the meeting agreed that the technical level of the project has reached the domestic leading level, and the next step will be based on the production process conditions of polystyrene. Once the price rises slightly, it may resume production, further improve the pilot plant, and provide technical support for the development of new brands of industrial plants and process optimization

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