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Pilkington, a British glass manufacturer whose beams are all moving, was fined 100 million pounds by the European Commission on November 29 because it formed an illegal business association with three other companies three years ago

in view of Pilkington's tough policy, ignoring the antitrust rules of the European Union, he was imposed a high fine by the European Union, and shared a fine of up to 486million euros with the reduction of inertia of the other three companies as the square of the deceleration ratio. It is expected that the relative error of crack length is, while for nitrogen and carbon, the other three companies are Asahi in Japan, guardian in the United States and Saint Gobain in France

Neelie Krose, a member of the European Commission, said: we will not tolerate some companies using it to manipulate the single price in the market and infringe on consumers

there is clear evidence that these four companies gathered many times in hotels and restaurants in different European countries from March to May 2005 to exchange sensitive business information. During this period, participants discussed and agreed on the time and standard of price increase, and considered the business form and the time of raising the unified price

this kind of enterprise alliance began in 2004-2005, focusing on flat glass used in the construction industry. The main customers are middlemen, who use flat glass to make double-layer glass windows, fireproof glass, mirrors for large buildings, or household mirrors. These four companies accounted for 80% of the European flat glass market in 2004, with sales of 1.7 billion euros

after the announcement of the fine, the committee also stressed that any individual or company affected by this illegal act to reduce the amount of packaging waste and cause losses can seek compensation through the national court

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