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Microsoft will abandon the container data center

on April 25, Google used to build container data centers when expanding the capacity of data centers in the past, but finally decided to abandon this method. Microsoft also found that the construction method of container data center is not the best way to expand the number of years. This year's government work report once again encourages the real economy. According to the size of the center

the container data center adopted by Microsoft, headquartered in Redmond, Washington, has also undergone many changes, from standard containers to two stacked container data centers. Now it has developed into a customized itpacs data center, which has been deployed in Chicago and Washington. 3. Before the experiment, it is certain that the limited location Quincy, Virginia, and boy, Virginia can feel dton

due to the growing scale of cloud computing services that Microsoft has focused on in recent years, it has to build or expand data centers around the world. Kusala, general manager of cloud computing hardware infrastructure and Enterprise Department of Microsoft? Huaide said in an interview that the container data center can no longer meet its construction needs

Amazon also adopted containerized data centers in its managed cloud computing infrastructure, which was introduced at the 2011 conference. James, the company's senior Infrastructure Engineer? Hamilton shows a picture of two containers stacked together. It is rare for Amazon, a cloud computing giant, to show its computing platform report to the public, because the company is very confidential about its infrastructure strategy, and it should not be equipped with lifting holes or rings at present; It is clear whether the data center construction strategy includes container data center

about two years ago, Microsoft's infrastructure team made a radical change in its hardware strategy. Different product teams decided to adopt their own hardware, and only a few server designs were standardized, while some teams adopted the server specifications of Facebook's open source computing project

the team also realized that this would help to standardize the design of the data center, but it would have no significance for its itpac standardization. Microsoft built its own itpacs in its data center, but its development pace is slow. Microsoft hopes to expand its scale by acquiring the hosting space of data center providers, so it is more meaningful to propose specifications for the design of non container hosting data centers, wilder explained. This design can be used for Microsoft to build huge data center facilities for itself, and the company will rent data center space from commercial suppliers

Microsoft believes that the time to market is the key to its cloud services, because Microsoft has been ahead of Amazon Web services and Google cloud platform (the largest competitor in this field)

in order to maintain this advantage, Microsoft has adopted the strategy of renting hosting space for expansion. In North America alone, the company signed three data center lease agreements in 2015, with a total power capacity of nearly 30MW. According to the North American data center, in the first quarter of this year, Microsoft signed three more data center lease agreements, and its power capacity reached 47mw

Wilder said that most of Microsoft's data centers support azure and office365 Both are growing rapidly, and Microsoft will have to ensure that it has sufficient capacity to support demand

container is a method to realize some key design concepts, such as power distribution of container and bus. We realize that we can do the same thing in a managed data center. Wilder said

Microsoft's next-generation managed data center design will draw on the experience of containerized data centers. Wilder said that it will combine the efficiency advantages of itpacs' power distribution and container data center to provide a design method that has the best of both worlds

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