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Microsoft cloud achievement Nu Skin China beautiful legend

what is the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning Nu Skin? AgeLOC anti-aging products that are popular all over the world, beauty spa machines that are almost everyone in the stars, and GCIP Innovation Park, a cool beauty industry complex located in Shanghai Fengxian National Development Zone. This multinational company with more than 1500 employees and a turnover of more than 10billion yuan in China is becoming a real leader in her economy and beauty and health industry. As one of the first batch of direct selling companies to be issued with direct selling business licenses in China, Nu Skin currently has more than 150 stores in the first and second tier cities in Chinese Mainland. The Greater China Innovation headquarters park of Nu Skin group in Shanghai is the first regional headquarters set up by Nu Skin outside its headquarters in the United States, and it is also the largest overseas special engineering plastics investment project in its development history

good business operation cannot be separated from the support of it, and Nu Skin's original mode of self built it system for each business unit can no longer meet the company's rapidly developing business. This instrument is very suitable for use in factories. Nu Skin China relies on it systems to handle a large number of sales business, incentives for direct sales personnel, and product distribution and tracking. The cloud services currently selected by enterprises lack flexibility. When new products are launched, holidays and other peak sales seasons come, the business system will be delayed due to increased load, which will affect the efficiency of the business. In order to solve this problem, cloud computing has become a new choice for Nu Skin China's IT construction

Nu Skin China first tried a public cloud platform provided by a domestic e-commerce enterprise to carry daily business on individual business units. However, it is found in the operation that the terms provided by the e-commerce cloud platform do not strictly protect the data security of users. For example, the data generated through the platform may be mined for marketing or advertising purposes. Such an approach will bring potential privacy risks to enterprise data. In this regard, it departments hope to explore a new way to give business systems more flexibility to cope with the growing volume of business

after many considerations and evaluations, Nu Skin China finally decided to migrate its business system to the windows azure public cloud platform operated by 21vianet with core technology provided by Microsoft

Nu Skin China's IT department is eyeing the unique advantages of windows azure operated by 21vianet, including the integration of Microsoft's global leading experience and software technology, 21vianet's local operation experience and technical services in China. Windows azure is located in the data centers in Beijing and Shanghai, which is safe and reliable, and can provide services including Chinatelecom, Jinan testing machine factory, outlook 2017, China Unicom The high-speed network connection of the three major telecom operators of China Mobile can help Nu Skin achieve the coverage of employees and customers in the entire mainland market

in the contact between the two sides, the windows azure technical team provided in-depth support for Nu Skin China. First, starting with the unique needs of Nu Skin, it proposed a hybrid cloud solution. While retaining the original enterprise self-management data, it built a hybrid cloud integrating the local IT environment and azure, and interconnected through encrypted VPN, so as to realize the safe transmission of data in different environments and build a borderless data center. This can not only make full use of the existing IT investment, but also help Nu Skin achieve flexible resource expansion on the public cloud. Key business data, such as business, finance, partner and product data, are safely stored on the storage devices controlled by the enterprise, while external service order processing, station, training and other applications are provided with resources and services by the public cloud. Nowadays, employees of Nu Skin all over the country can access the business platform supported by windows azure mobile services through intelligent terminals such as Windows Phone, iPhone and Android, and establish a direct customer-oriented mobile marketing platform to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

windows azure public cloud service is very flexible. We can prepare cloud infrastructure such as stations and databases for marketing activities in just a few minutes, and we can also quickly create a mobile business backend, so that our employees and customers can enjoy the efficient access experience provided by cloud services. In addition, the commitment of data geographic redundancy and privacy protection of windows azure has further strengthened our confidence in data security and reliability, so that we can focus on the development of our core business in China. Nu Skin China CSO printing art said with emotion

the development of enterprises keeps pace with the times. What they need is a cloud platform that runs reliably, can be expanded at any time, and is flexible and easy to use. Windows azure, operated by 21vianet, has served 20000 domestic customers since it was officially put into commercial use in China on March 26, 2014, helping them achieve productivity improvement, business transformation and industrial upgrading. As the technology provider of windows azure, Microsoft has been committed to allowing Chinese customers to enjoy the same technology, services, experience and value as overseas customers. Facing the future, windows azure will bring more platform level services to domestic users. Before using any experimental machine, you should fully understand the performance and fixtures of the product, make cloud computing more accessible, and make more business innovation of enterprises possible

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