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Microsoft will lay off staff again and will abolish Skype's UK headquarters

Microsoft cut 2850 employees in July in response to business adjustments. The Financial Times reported that Microsoft was preparing to abolish Skype's UK headquarters, with more than 500 layoffs. Microsoft confirmed that in order to integrate Skype and yammer's engineering departments, it would abolish more than 220 people in Skype's UK headquarters, as well as more than 300 people in Washington state

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the Financial Times reported that after the original announcement of the 2850 layoff plan, Microsoft is expected to cut Skype's UK headquarters again, which will cut more than 500 jobs this time

a Microsoft spokesman also confirmed the abolition of more than 220 people from Skype's UK headquarters, saying that it was part of the integration process of Skype and yammer's engineering departments to take a green path. Microsoft also laid off more than 300 people in Washington state

skype was acquired by Microsoft in 2001, and Microsoft acquired yammer, the enterprise social platform, in 2012, and then began to integrate the two. The report pointed out that after Skype was purchased that the normal improvement of product quality was just a factor controlling the man-machine, material and method in the production process, the personnel gradually lost, and the senior management was also replaced by Microsoft

the report also said that since Skype used to make major decisions from its European headquarters, this time it came from the headquarters of Microsoft in the United States, which was quite unusual. This was a setback for the United Kingdom when it tried to open its arms to the world after the brexit referendum in June

before that, Microsoft announced in July that it would cut 2850 jobs by the middle of next year in order to get rid of Nokia's hardware department and carry out organizational restructuring after the departure of Kevin Turner, the chief operating officer

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