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Microsoft bought land and built a building in China for the first time, with a strong presence in Zhongguancun. The headquarters of Microsoft China R & D group, with a construction area of 150000 square meters, is located in the south of sina and Baidu and the east of Tencent. It is still a drawing now, but it will rise in two years, and its spacious degree will be beyond the reach of those Chinese tensile testing machine companies

"this is the first time that Microsoft has bought land and built buildings outside the United States," said Zhang Yaqin, senior vice president of Microsoft worldwide and chairman of Microsoft China R & D group. "I remember that 10 years ago, Kai Fu Li and I were still rushing to establish Microsoft China Research Institute." But now, China has become the undisputed R & D center of Microsoft, with its largest R & D Park overseas

Zhang Yaqin pushed and finally persuaded gates. He recalled that when he returned to China in January 2006, his most important mission was to establish a large-scale R & D base. For this reason, gates and Ballmer also held a one hour meeting with him. In the next two years, Zhang Yaqin wrote 10 emails to gates again and again, "finally gates and Ballmer beat the board", and this specially approved investment requires Microsoft to spend about 2billion yuan at a time

according to Zhang Yaqin, the reason why gates is willing to invest in China with a high profile is that Microsoft has changed from an American centered company to a global company, "60% of its employees work outside the United States". On the other hand, he also believed that Gates recognized the contribution of Chinese talents. This equipment usually needs to be equipped with a certain number of other equipment as auxiliary or mechanical testing equipment during the experiment. "When he came to China 10 years ago, he only saw the potential of students, but now he sees the strength". Moreover, Zhang Yaqin believes that the Chinese people's voice in Microsoft is increasing, "our suggestions are more important"

relevant leaders of Beijing and Zhongguancun attended the foundation laying ceremony of the building yesterday, and Xia Yingqi, deputy director of Zhongguancun Management Committee, commented that "few enterprises can make such a large one-time investment" and "Microsoft's investment in R & D is indeed not small". Zhang Yaqin replied, "however, the annual R & D expenses of Microsoft China R & D group also have this figure." He even joked, "this number is much less than buying Yahoo."

driven by the huge amount of money, the new R & D building will be completed in 2010, which can accommodate 5000 employees, "but it can also accommodate 8000 employees." Zhang Hongjiang, chief technology officer of Microsoft R & D group, added. According to Zhang Yaqin, from 2008 to 2009, Microsoft will add another 1000 R & D personnel in China, and they will enjoy the greenest and high-tech office environment. According to designer Yin Jie, after receiving the project, the design team immediately visited Google's office in the United States, "to be more innovative and convenient for employees to generate inspiration". (zhangliming)

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