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The CEO of Microsoft issued an open letter, announcing major changes

Satya NADELLA, the CEO of Microsoft, issued an employee open letter of more than 3300 words, encouraging employees to be bolder and more ambitious than in the past. At the same time, it explained the company's new strategic focus on mobile and cloud, its investment in Xbox, and also revealed that it would carry out engineering and organizational changes in July

ctiforum on July 14 (Li Wenjie): as we enter the financial year 2015, Satya NADELLA, the CEO of Microsoft, issued an employee open letter of more than 3300 words, encouraging employees to be bolder and more ambitious than in the past. At the same time, he expounded the company's new strategic focus of mobile and cloud first, and its investment in Xbox. At the same time, he also revealed that engineering and organizational changes would be carried out in July

NADELLA once again emphasizes the company's policy of "mobile first and cloud first". He said that as billions of sensors, screens and devices are connected, an ubiquitous computing world will be formed, and more than 3billion people will also be connected, generating a large amount of data. Therefore, Microsoft needs to establish more natural human-computer interfaces to assist individuals, develop and deploy safer platforms and infrastructures to help industries, and use data to generate wisdom and personalized experience

he pointed out that "devices and services" were indeed helpful in the early stage of the company's transformation, but now Microsoft must focus more on its unique strategy. According to media interpretation, this is NADELLA's cutting and transformation of the line of former CEO Steve Ballmer. Ballmer announced Microsoft's new positioning as a "device and service" company when 2012 also included many factors, such as the expansion of control areas, shopping malls, production costs, and the development of its own tablet surface

for Microsoft's new vision, NADELLA pointed out that the core of Microsoft is the productivity and platform industry in the mobile and cloud supremacy world, and will innovate productivity tools to help everyone and all organizations accomplish more

NADELLA, who comes from the enterprise application department, emphasizes the enterprise function of the product. He pointed out that every user should be regarded as a "dual user", that is, a technology user at work or school, and a user of personal digital life. Microsoft must innovate productivity and platform, establish digital work and life experience, and cloud OS, device OS and hardware (i.e. surface tablet) must develop around this core goal, and combine developers and partners to extend "Microsoft experience" to all individuals and enterprises

although there are rumors in the industry that the new Microsoft in the NADELLA era may no longer develop Xbox, in this letter, NADELLA reiterated its investment in the game console industry. NADELLA said that Xbox is one of the most mature consumer brands. Online communities and services are gradually expanding. The stretching speed: 5mm/min stretching to destruction, calculate the arithmetic mean of five styles, and have a large fan base. At the same time, the technology developed through this game console is also used to improve other products, including graphics technology, windows natural use interface, Skype voice recognition With Kinect camera technology in windows and GPU simulation technology in azure, Microsoft will continue to innovate, cultivate game users and create business value for Xbox

NADELLA believes that Microsoft spends too much time on things that are not constructive. This also implies that Microsoft will have major organizational changes, including consolidation and acquisition, adjustment of job responsibilities, establishment of new partners, adjustment of work priorities, establishment of new skills, and recruitment of new people. It is understood that after the acquisition of Nokia and the use of waste materials, layoffs may become a means for Microsoft to readjust its brand positioning

NADELLA said that Microsoft must be the best place for "smart people, curious and ambitious people" to show outstanding results. Among them, in order to be more customer-oriented, the first change will be the engineering department, which will allow the development process to consider customers more, pay more attention to data, and place more emphasis on speed and quality. Therefore, Microsoft will implement new training and experiments internally. In addition, he also asked all departments to further simplify the operation process and promote the flattening of the organization, so as to improve the speed and efficiency of the operation

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