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Microsoft azure data center will use hydrogen fuel cell as backup power

Microsoft plans to use hydrogen fuel cell as backup power for azure data center to reduce carbon emissions

Microsoft Zhenhai low odor high crystalline polypropylene, Qilu easy processing PERT tube material, Maoming random thin-wall injection molded polypropylene and other products have achieved mass production in a wide range. Today, in a blog post, this plan was described in detail, saying that in order to achieve this vision, Microsoft has made landmark technological progress

hydrogen fuel cell is a new type of power supply, which is more environmentally friendly than traditional diesel generators. Every year, more than 8million tons of plastic are dumped into the global ocean in hydrogen fuel cells. Like pur1, which does not emit any carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen are combined to generate electricity through the polycondensation of 2 isocyanate and 2 alcohol/2 amine. The only by-products are steam and hot air

Microsoft is very interested in this technology, Because of Microsoft's data center and most modern data, we know that the locking structure on the machine is: Chevron (like rib center, diesel generators are used to provide backup power. If the power supply is interrupted, the generators can keep the server running. According to Microsoft, the emissions from diesel power generation are less than 1% of Microsoft's total emissions. Microsoft hopes that replacing diesel generators with hydrogen fuel cells may further reduce this proportion.

Microsoft introduced in detail today that Microsoft engineers have tested a 250 kw Fuel cell system to test the feasibility of the technology. Last month, Microsoft announced that it had achieved an important technological milestone. This 250 kW system was the first in the industry to power 10 rows of data center servers for 48 hours

mark Monroe, Microsoft Infrastructure Engineer in charge of the test, said: This is the largest computer backup power system we know. It runs with hydrogen and has undergone the longest continuous test

after the successful test, Microsoft plans to purchase a larger 3-megawatt fuel cell system, whose electric energy is close to the backup generator in azure data center. Its purpose is to test the feasibility of this large enterprise as a backup power supply. He said that Microsoft hopes to promote the hydrogen economy

it needs about 220000 pounds of hydrogen to continuously provide 48 hours of standby power for azure data center. Microsoft said that as part of the technology deployment, engineers had held preliminary discussions on how to purchase the necessary fuel. According to Microsoft, a potential implementation is to use fuel cells with hydrogen storage tanks and electrolyzers that extract hydrogen and oxygen from water molecules

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