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Microsoft ignite2019: bring more intelligent and secure tools and services to enterprises

on November 4, 2019, Microsoft's largest annual it event ignite 2019 officially kicked off in Orlando, Florida, the United States. More than 26000 IT practitioners, enterprise decision makers, developers, data experts and guests from all walks of life from all over the world witnessed and experienced Microsoft's most advanced technologies, products Services and solutions. At this ignite conference, Microsoft announced a large number of new products and services, from office services that help people improve work efficiency, to azure intelligent cloud services that can deploy AI to any environment, and then to AI and cloud computing services that can help enterprise customers easily cope with many security compliance challenges

Satya NADELLA, CEO of Microsoft

microsoft azure: multi cloud hybrid deployment, intelligent edge and unified data analysis

bring azure services and management locally, even on AWS and Google cloud

as more and more business processes and applications are constantly extended to edge devices and multi cloud environments, applications can operate seamlessly on local deployment, multi cloud environments and edge devices, And achieve consistent management and security in all distributed locations, which has become an urgent need for today's hybrid cloud deployment. Today, Microsoft announced that azure arc has opened a public preview. This technology can help customers extend azure services and management to any infrastructure, so as to unlock a new hybrid cloud application scenario. Azure arc can extend the proven azure service and management functions to Linux, windows server, and any kubernetes cluster running on local, cloud environment or edge devices

azure arc enables users to control and manage azure functions running in different environments in a consistent manner. Development departments can build container applications with their favorite tools, and as long as it teams use gitops based setup management, they can ensure consistent deployment, setup and management of applications. This technology truly reflects the advantages of cloud computing innovation, including keeping data services updated all the time, completing deployment in seconds rather than hours, and flexible deployment and elastic scaling on any architecture

expand azure stack to any edge

enterprises from more than 60 countries and regions around the world, including the Hong Kong stock exchange, KPMG Norway and Airbus defense and aerospace, are using azure stack and azure to build hybrid cloud solutions. Today, Microsoft released azure stack edge, which will further provide customers with more flexible hybrid cloud deployment options. Azure stack edge is an edge hosting host that supports artificial intelligence and can bring computing, storage and intelligence to any edge environment. The new functions that customers will get from it include virtual machine support, GPU based architecture, high availability of multi nodes, and multi access edge computing (MEC)

solve the contradiction between data warehouse and data Lake

enterprises often have to maintain two sets of analysis systems, data warehouse and data lake at the same time. Both systems are important, but they operate independently, often resulting in information inequality, which will affect decision-making. Azure synapse analytics is an unlimited analysis service. It adds enhancements to azure SQL data warehouse. It can obtain and summarize data insights from various data sources, data warehouses and big data analysis systems, so that users' data can work together faster and safely. This service allows users to query data with their own entries, and can use server free on-demand or pre configured resources on a large scale. Azure synapse realizes the ingestion, preparation, management and processing of data with a unified experience to quickly generate Bi or meet the needs of machine learning. Unilever and other enterprise customers are using azure synapse services to optimize their data analysis process

azure artificial intelligence provides high-quality audiobooks for visually impaired friends

Microsoft AI for good project aims to help people solve problems encountered in human development and build a sustainable and barrier free world by providing technology, resources and professional knowledge. The technical team of Microsoft Internet Asia engineering institute cooperates with Hongdandan visually impaired cultural service center, a public welfare organization specializing in serving visually impaired people, to apply deep neural network speech synthesis technology to produce high-quality audio content for blind friends. This technology can provide a large number of text to speech services with natural and lifelike sounds comparable to real people. Through Hongdandan's e-library application, visually impaired people can learn by listening anytime and anywhere, and greatly reduce the auditory fatigue caused by voice interaction with machines. At ignite 2019 conference, Microsoft azure AI launched a voice customization service based on this deep neural network speech synthesis technology. Through this service, users can use a very small number of voice samples to customize the artificial intelligence voice that resembles the speaker himself. Hongdandan used this service to copy the voice of teacher Dong Lina, the first blind announcer in China, for reading audio books. The deep neural network voice customization service can also be widely used in intelligent assistants, customer service robots, educational companion robots, audio book content production, video dubbing and other scenes to help customers establish a unique voice emotional connection with end users and enhance the realism of user interaction

microsoft 365: promote productivity development with artificial intelligence

as the world's leading cloud productivity service, Microsoft 365 is promoting technological innovation and application from the aspects of productivity, knowledge, workflow, security, compliance, management, etc. In this process, artificial intelligence plays the most important leading role. The combination of artificial intelligence and Microsoft 365 can help people search for information, enhance their skills and realize the innovation of collaborative office with intelligent, natural and personalized productivity experience

cortana becomes a productivity assistant

the newly released play my emails in outlook for IOS allows you to view emails and follow-up actions at any time without hands. With the new natural speech and language recognition technology, Cortana can intelligently read your newly received email and perform relevant operations on your calendar arrangement. Schedusinger said that the LER in outlook function has launched a public preview. You can use it to adjust your meeting schedule without hands, and even let Cortana help you coordinate other participants

project cortex

project cortex will build knowledge networks with the help of artificial intelligence, infer the data in the organization, and automatically adopt the non leading sample relationship according to the standards of projects or customers, sort them into shared topics, and send relevant knowledge to relevant personnel within the organization based on shared topics. In addition, with the innovation of intelligent content intake technology, knowledge network can also transform your content into an interactive think tank, and create complex content models by analyzing documents. Its machine teaching function allows experts related to the subject to guide the system and help them understand semi-structured content. The knowledge extraction function can help people more easily acquire valuable knowledge that is often locked in documents, dialogues, meetings, videos and other materials

new Microsoft edge browser and Microsoft Bing search

Microsoft announced that the new Microsoft edge browser based on chromium kernel will be officially released on January 15, 2020, and RC version will be available for download from now on. The new Microsoft edge browser provides enterprise users with a new tab, which allows users to directly access Microsoft 365 documents, sites or internal network search, so that the impurity content is low; Let every tab become a new productivity portal. Microsoft edge is applicable to all device platforms, and can seamlessly share settings between different devices, allowing users to retrieve company files on their own. The integration of Microsoft search and Bing search makes the information retrieval at work as convenient and fast as network search. Through the search box, you can search all the contents existing in Microsoft 365 system, such as files, contacts, office plans, abbreviations of company terms, etc

microsoft stream unlock video content

video is increasingly becoming an important medium for carrying, sharing and learning knowledge. Microsoft Research Asia and Microsoft stream have jointly developed a new algorithm to separate the main voice from the background noise. This technology realizes speech enhancement by reducing background noise, allowing you to focus more on the voice of the speaker

more new features related to Microsoft 365

Microsoft teams has become the core of team cooperation. New features include secure private channels, multi window dialogues and meetings, channel locking, integration with to do, planner and other task scheduling tools, and further integration with outlook mail functions

workplace analytics can more easily reflect the relationship between people's work status and enterprise benefits. Business leaders will get clear business insights at a glance to help them quickly understand and improve conference culture, management practices, organizational networks and customer relations

office scripting can simplify redundant processes and automate repetitive work, thus helping people get twice the result with half the effort. Microsoft has introduced this function into excel. This new program automation function allows users to record an operation in a worksheet and save it as a script

myanalytics can help you prepare for vacation settings by automatically setting the time when you are not in the office to reply to messages, notify relevant partners of your time, and re suggest the meeting time. With the technological innovation from Microsoft Research Asia, excel now supports natural language queries, and users can directly ask a question about data and get the answer quickly like talking to people

any customer of azure ad services, including free customers, can now log in to Microsoft or non Microsoft applications in a secure and password free manner using the Microsoft authenticator application. With azure AD and Microsoft authenticator, enterprises can achieve a better password free experience, reduce support costs, and still have better security brought by dual or multiple authentication (MFA)

microsoft defender advanced thread protection (ATP) endpoint detection and response (EDR) function has now launched a preview version for Mac OS devices, and then will launch a version for Linux servers

application guard for office has launched a public preview, which provides hardware level, container based protection for potentially risky word, Excel, PowerPoint format files

automated power platform opens unlimited business potential

in Microsoft's view, it is a very proud thing to work hand in hand with global enterprises every day to help them win the first opportunity in this data-driven modern economic system. The goal of dynamics 365 and power platform is to help enterprises obtain better business income through proactive

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