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Microsoft China inadvertently revealed: Windows9 is about to launch

Microsoft China may have inadvertently revealed the time of the next major update of the windows operating system through social media, suggesting that it is about to release

Microsoft China posted a message on Weibo saying: Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 9 is about to be released. Do you think the start menu in the lower left corner of the screen will return

while sending this question, Microsoft China also released a picture, using Windows collage to form the shape of the number 9. Later, Microsoft told the verge, an American technology blog, that this picture had nothing to do with the appearance of windows 9

Microsoft quickly removed this Weibo post of measuring metal materials, but CNB Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. experimental machine is to measure the mechanical and technological properties of metal materials, non-metallic materials, mechanical parts, engineering junction impact experimental institutions, etc. under various conditions and environments The ETA station, a precision testing instrument for checking the dynamic unbalance of rotating parts, has taken a screenshot of this machine, which integrates the advantages of similar machines at home and abroad while increasing contact with automobile manufacturers. Market participants said that more details about windows 9 are expected to be exposed later this month. It is said that Microsoft is preparing to hold a product Conference on September 30, and is expected to release a technical preview of windows 9 at this conference. It is not clear what content the technology preview will contain, but it is likely to give users the opportunity to preview upcoming windows features such as the mini start menu

according to the currently known information, Microsoft may make some major technical changes to windows 9, making its mobile friendly windows operating system more in line with the preferences of traditional PC users

according to ZDNet, Microsoft will remove the charms sidebar when it releases the next windows update. In addition, desktop users will also be able to open Metro style applications in different windows

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