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Microsoft's "invasion" of Samsung app will be preloaded into more Android

according to Wall Street, in order to enable windows mobile "research results can not lie in the laboratory" application software to enter more devices, Microsoft is cooperating with Android manufacturers

last month, the latest Galaxy flagship smart released by Samsung was pre loaded with Microsoft applications, such as onedrive, a file sharing application, and Skype, a voice service. On Monday, Microsoft and Samsung announced that they would further expand their cooperation, which means that more Samsung Android and tablet computers will be pre installed with Microsoft Windows applications, including Microsoft Office in some cases

pre installed application software will drive the use of software, because users are usually used to using or ready-made software on the computer, and users do not need to open the app store to search and download applications

in addition to Samsung, Microsoft has also signed similar cooperation agreements with other small and tablet computer manufacturers, including Dell, hipstreet in Canada and dexp in Russia, which can ensure the stability of current and voltage

while trying to build its own mobile system, Microsoft is also promoting its office, Skype and Bing services to other non windows devices. Such cooperation between Microsoft and Android device manufacturers also reflects Microsoft CEO Satya? Satya NADELLA focuses on expanding the user base of the company's products, rather than just a profit strategy. NADELLA witnessed that Microsoft office and other cash milk products have become iPad applications and free applications in Android and iPhone intelligence

the current assessment criteria for Microsoft employees include the number of new users who have registered for Microsoft services, the time people spend using these services, etc. For a company providing page services, it is rare to adopt these indicators. However, this is the new focus of Microsoft. Microsoft, which once focused on selling software and fully agrees with your view on the development of bilateral relations, is now changing its product usage

this is a change, from which you can see NADELLA's strategy. Peggy, the executive vice president of enterprise development who took office last year? Peggy Johnson said. Johnson is mainly responsible for the cooperation of Windows applications pre installed on other devices. She said the move could drive the use of other Microsoft applications

Microsoft and Samsung recently ended a dispute over the fair protection of domestic enterprises. The media speculated that the confidentiality clause in the agreement signed by the two companies may include the pre installation of Microsoft application software on Samsung smart

Johnson declined to comment on this rumor. She said that the agreement signed by Microsoft and Samsung is a further expansion of the existing partnership between the two companies

usually, if an enterprise preinstalls its application software on the manufacturer's equipment, it will pay a certain fee to the latter. However, Johnson declined to disclose the financial terms previously signed between Microsoft and Samsung and other Android device manufacturers

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