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Shimadzu enthusiastically sponsored the Fourth National Symposium on sample preparation. The Fourth National Symposium on sample preparation was held in Qingdao on August 31 to promote the academic exchange and development of sample preparation technology and related instruments and devices. Participants had in-depth exchanges on new materials, new principles, new technologies and new devices for sample preparation. Shimadzu company has continuously provided gold medal sponsorship for the conference since the four diaphragms should be easily taken out from the end plate groove or loaded into the first National Academic Conference on sample preparation, and has disclosed several new solutions for sample preparation at the conference

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during the conference, scientists at home and abroad who made significant progress in the field of sample preparation brought wonderful conference reports one after another. Guanyafeng, researcher of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, brought a report entitled "challenges and opportunities for sample preparation", which discussed the challenges and opportunities for sample preparation in a wide range of application fields such as environment, food safety, medical life, ocean and deep space. Chen Yi, a researcher from the Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, brought a report entitled "simplified sample preparation methods and effects in rbchb ce - simplifying CE sample preparation". Professor lichongke of Sun Yat sen University brought a report entitled "research progress on rapid pretreatment methods for derivatization of complex samples". Professor wangjianhua from Northeastern University presented a report entitled "study on the interaction between ionic liquids and biological macromolecules and their extraction and sensing". Linjinming, Professor of Chemistry Department of Tsinghua University, brought a report entitled "microfluidic single cell sample pretreatment and mass spectrometry". Gaozhixian, a researcher at the Institute of hygiene and environmental medicine, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, brought a report entitled "key science and technology projects in China during the 13th five year plan - research and development of key food safety technologies". Professor liuhuwei from Peking University presented a report entitled "determination of triazine pesticide residues in water by solid phase microextraction mass spectrometry"

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at the sub session report meeting, shenlingling, manager of the analysis center of Shimadzu company, made a report entitled "nexera UC and lc-ms/ms combined technology analysis of oxidized lipids in breast cancer cells". In her report, she said that breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors among women in the world. It has already ranked first in the global female cancer incidence rate and mortality, seriously endangering the physical and mental health of patients. In recent years, exploring effective biomarkers of breast cancer has been a hot spot of scientific research. Studies have shown that the occurrence and development of breast cancer are related to lipid metabolism. At present, the main methods for the analysis of lipids are gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. However, there are few reports on the analysis of lipids using supercritical fluid extraction and supercritical fluid chromatography. Therefore, the nexera UC oline-sfe-sfc-ms system of Shimadzu was used in combination with freeze-drying technology to establish an analytical method for the detection of lipid metabolism (oxidized lipids) in breast cancer cells. The shim pack uc-x RP chromatographic column and ethanol were selected as modifiers to obtain the best separation effect by optimizing flow rate, modifier ratio and dynamic extraction flow rate. The results showed that the RSD and re values of the 15 oxidized lipids were within 0 Within 7%, the linear range is good, the correlation coefficient R2 is greater than 0.99, and the spiked recovery is between 70%-117%

manager shenlingling of the analysis center of Shimadzu company made a report

manager Li Qiang of the analysis center of Shimadzu company made a report entitled "clam biological sample automatic pretreatment system ISRI originally planned to visit China to learn more about the application of" Guojian "information system in biological sample analysis". In his report, he said that with the diversification of drugs and the increasingly individualized drug treatment, it is necessary to control the concentration of low-dose drugs administered for many times, evaluate the metabolic differences between individuals and the metabolic changes within individuals, and detect the treatment concentration range of drugs with narrow treatment window. Therefore, researchers are increasingly interested in using ultra-high performance liquid chromatography or LCMS with higher sensitivity and high throughput to conduct qualitative or quantitative research on immunosuppressants, analgesics, antiretroviral drugs, antiepileptic drugs and antipsychotics. The full-automatic sample preparation system clam-2030 for LCMS is based on the hemagglutination analyzer technology carefully developed by Shimadzu for many years. Simply place the blood collection vessel or other sample tubes, and the system will automatically complete all steps from the pretreatment of the blood sample to be tested or other samples to LCMS analysis. Therefore, the system can minimize human error and variability in the sample pretreatment process, thus helping to achieve a safer, faster and simpler high-precision workflow in clinical research with chemical, electrical and instrumentation

Li Qiang, manager of the analysis center of Shimadzu company, made a report. Chi Damin, Senior Application Engineer of the market department of analytical and testing instruments of Shimadzu company, made a report entitled "Application of supercritical extraction supercritical chromatography system". He mentioned in the report that the sample analysis process can be divided into four stages: sample collection, sample pretreatment, sample determination and data processing. Among them, sample pretreatment plays an important role in modern analysis. According to the statistical data, about 61% of the time in the sample analysis process is used for sample pretreatment; More than 55% of the error of sample analysis comes from sample pretreatment. The traditional pretreatment methods generally have some disadvantages, such as manual operation, time-consuming and laborious, low treatment efficiency, the use of toxic organic solvents, and easy to pollute analytes. Shimadzu nexera UC can facilitate users to conduct simultaneous analysis of multiple components, and can realize automation from sample pretreatment, sample separation and sample analysis. At the same time, the system can also achieve stable and reliable analysis of some unstable compounds that may be oxidized or degraded due to contact with air, which can be obtained from the team for the internal data "the new national standard flame retardant B1 cost price of polyurethane core materials". In addition, taking the analysis of pesticide residues in food as an example, the system can shorten the 35 minutes required by the traditional method to 5 minutes only in the pretreatment stage. Compared with the traditional manual operation method, it can improve production efficiency and reduce human error at the same time

Chi Damin, Senior Application Engineer of the market department of analytical and testing instruments of Shimadzu company, gave a report

the Shimadzu booth outside the venue displayed all kinds of new technologies and applications for sample preparation

at the "Shimadzu night" welcome party held on the eve of the opening of the conference, manager liangzhiying of the market department of analytical and testing instruments of Shimadzu company, on behalf of Shimadzu company, warmly wished the conference a complete success. In his speech, he also said that Shimadzu has always paid close attention to pretreatment technology, and constantly introduced new technologies and applications according to the changes of customer needs. We hope to take this opportunity to establish more extensive contacts with experts and teachers to understand their application needs, so as to provide better products and services

manager liangzhiying of the market department of analytical and testing instruments of Shimadzu company wishes the conference a complete success

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