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"New plastics" made in Shijiazhuang can be "regularly degraded"

"new plastics" and their products

"white pollution" have a great impact on the environment. Is there any plastic that can be completely degraded

yesterday, Hebei Huadan fully biodegradable plastics Co., Ltd. joined hands with Taiwan Weimeng group to invest 100million yuan in Yuhua District, Shishi City to start the construction of China's first corn fermentation production line for PLA biodegradable material sheets. The production line can produce 150000 tons of fully biodegradable plastic particles and products per year

"after being exposed to nature after use, the lunch box will turn into water and carbon dioxide within 6 to 24 months, leaving no trace." Yueguangrong, chief engineer of the company, said that this plastic product can be degraded regularly

self degradable in the air

lunch boxes, environmental protection bags, garbage bags, medical waste bags, water cups, garbage cans... Yesterday, Huadan saw a variety of daily necessities made of biodegradable plastics

"unlike previous polyethylene plastics, this kind of plastic uses corn starch as raw material. 8. Intermittent operation should be avoided in manual dispensing operation. It is formed through polymerization and fermentation, and then through the processes of plastic absorption and blow molding." Yueguangrong introduced that biodegradable plastic particles and products are not only pure biological, but also free from any pollution in the production process, and will not produce waste gas, waste water and waste residue

it is reported that after the final product is discarded, 0% of PVC pipes with a diameter ranging from 10 to 1.5m can be biologically decomposed into water and carbon dioxide in the air. Using this product can not only save non renewable oil resources, but also eliminate "white pollution"

the complete biological plastic can be degraded regularly

we can see that the water cups and garbage cans made of this complete biological plastic are heavy and fashionable. Is this product used for a long time degraded? Yueguangrong explained that although all bioplastics are used, the different processes used determine whether the products are degraded. He pointed to the water cup and said, "the service life of such a water cup is more than 10 years, and it can not be broken. Do you really understand the structure and operation method of the concrete pressure testing machine, but try not to let bacteria erode it. Remember to clean it in time after drinking cold drinks and milk, otherwise it will be easily degraded."

then, he put a medical garbage bag into hot water, and soon the garbage bag dissolved in the water. "This kind of garbage bag is soluble in water and is very suitable for the laundry room of the hospital, so as to avoid the secondary pollution of medical garbage." "Fully biodegradable plastics can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide by themselves in the air, and degrade faster in the environment with air, water and bacteria. Of course, the degradation time limit can be set through different processes according to the needs of customers." Yue Guangrong told me

the cost is almost the same as that of ordinary plastics.

it is understood that this fully biodegradable plastic has been developed and a small batch has been put into operation. Beijing Xiaotangshan modern agricultural science and technology demonstration park uses the fully biodegradable products of Huadan company for environmental protection agricultural film and binbao bread packaging

"if it is produced in large quantities, the cost of fully biodegradable plastics is almost the same as that of ordinary plastics." Yue Guangrong said

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