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Shichuang technology has an appointment with you. The 2016 Brazil international glass industry technology exhibition will be held at the Sao Paulo Convention and Exhibition Center in South America from June 8 to 11. The exhibition is held every two years with the theme of building glass industry. The exhibition is the largest international glass exhibition in South America. Its wide range of exhibitors, complete varieties and large quantities have a great influence on the international glass exhibition. The rich exhibition contents and perfect exhibitor services of Brazil international glass technology exhibition will be the best platform for exhibitors to understand the development trend, technology and information exchange of the American glass market

there is no need for the world to calculate separately that creative technology will participate in the 2016 Brazil international glass industry technology exhibition booth No.: 865

time: June 8-11, 2016 location: Sao Paulo International Convention and Exhibition Center, Brazil

sincerely welcome domestic and foreign manufacturers to exchange technology and negotiate business

"creative technology strongtech" is a glass cutting equipment brand with leading technology in the glass industry, All employees of Shichuang company have been committed to serving the glass deep processing industry and creating elite products in the field of glass cutting. Adhering to the company's corporate culture of "excellent quality -- themachineofquality", outstanding Shichuang employees have been working hard and conscientiously to output glass cutting equipment and technical support of "excellent quality and 100% service" for distinguished customers in the glass industry

our team

our team maintains a high degree of enthusiasm for serving customers and is becoming more and more perfect in the continuous competitive development

in addition to the headquarters of Jiangsu company, Shichuang also has six offices in Beijing (Beijing), Guangdong (Shunde, Guangdong), Sichuan (Chengdu, Sichuan), Hunan (Changsha, Hunan), Shaanxi (Xi'an, Shaanxi) and Liaoning (Shenyang, Liaoning), as well as 16 direct sales or agency service networks in the six regions of America, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa in overseas markets, so as to provide timely Fast service guarantee

our technology and technology

Shichuang is always committed to maintaining the leading core glass cutting technology and expanding the future space of the glass deep processing industry

relying on the core technology of cutting machine design and control system, Shichuang leads the cutting-edge field of glass cutting technology in China. Engineers maintain a high degree of rigor and innovation to ensure that any Shichuang equipment has a beam displacement of 898mm and a vertical experimental space of 1067mm) If it is an elastomer experiment, the beam displacement and vertical experiment space will be required to be 1 point higher The specific conditions need to be determined according to the experimental requirements for precise, efficient and stable operation

our goal

Shichuang is determined to become an internationally responsible corporate citizen, committed to making contributions to the glass industry, providing sufficient and good learning and working platforms for employees, and building "Shichuang strand" into a loud national brand in the field of glass cutting

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