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China's own brand shield machine ranks among the top 50 enterprises in Anyang City in the first "self driving to sea"

China's own brand shield machine "self driving to sea"

www will never "crash" - thus bringing a more comfortable riding experience for passengers and passengers China Construction Machinery Information

recently, the earth pressure balance shield machine exported to Turkey by China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd. was successfully offline in Changsha secondary industrial park. This is the first time that China's domestic brand shield machines with independent intellectual property rights have been sent to European construction enterprises, breaking the previous situation of "borrowing ships to go to sea" with Chinese construction enterprises, and realizing the "self driving to sea" aimed at this kind of interference with the direct sale of shield machines to foreign construction enterprises

this shield machine with completely independent intellectual property rights will be applied to the construction of Izmir Metro Tunnel in the ancient city of Aegean Sea. Izmir is the third largest city and an important economic center in Turkey. It is located on the Aegean Sea at the western end of the Anatolian plateau. The metro tunnel is 7.14km long. Faced with the problems of complex strata, uneven soft and hard, rapid geological changes and so on, China railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd. adopted targeted schemes in design and manufacturing, optimized the design of safety escape routes and other safety performance, and ensured that the equipment design meets the requirements of EU safety certification

up to now, China railway construction heavy industry has signed 5 export orders for domestic brand shield machines with Turkish users, which provides a new sample for China's own brand shield machines to further explore overseas markets. Jinan trial fund is to create, protect and improve the cost of the brand

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