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The annual production capacity of Han made Xinguan vaccine is increased by 1billion doses. Release date: Source: Hubei

welding spatter, equipment processing sound intertwined. Recently, the supporting project for the new crown inactivated vaccine capacity expansion project of Sinopharm Wuhan Institute of biological products is under construction. The project is expected to be completed at the end of May this year. After all the capacity expansion projects are completed, the annual capacity of sinogael Xinguan inactivated vaccine will be increased by 1billion doses

it is understood that on February 25 this year, Wuhan Institute of biological products launched the new crown inactivated vaccine conditionally. At present, the annual production capacity of relevant production workshops is 100million doses

in order to meet the vaccination demand, at the beginning of March, the supporting works of the Xinguan inactivated vaccine capacity expansion project located in Jingang Industrial Park, Jiangxia District, Wuhan were immediately started. The construction content includes animal production plant, laboratory, cold storage, workshop below minus 25, packaging material warehouse and packaging workshop, with a building area of about 140000 square meters, aiming to provide reliable hardware support for scientific research and large-scale production of Xinguan inactivated vaccine

according to the relevant person in charge of the installation company of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, the contractor of the project, the cleanliness of animal production and laboratory workshops is required to be level 7 (the highest level in the industry), constant temperature and humidity. The requirements for cleanliness, airtightness and environmental protection are extremely high

in order to prevent cross contamination in different functional areas in the workshop, the workshop is divided into 4 types according to the use function: 8 air conditioning zones. Air conditioning units are set up separately in each area to ensure that the air flow direction in each area is controllable by controlling the air supply and exhaust volume and pressure difference

in addition, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop, except that the air conditioning system is equipped with multiple filters to deal with fresh air, the whole workshop is a standard clean workshop. The workshop structural columns, room internal corners, lap joints and other positions are treated with professional components to ensure that the walls and corners are smooth and not easy to accumulate dust. At the same time, because there are many air conditioning systems in the workshop, considering the energy-saving requirements, the air conditioning unit is also equipped with a heat recovery system

at present, more than 700 workers and 130 large and medium-sized machines are working continuously on the construction site, and the construction of fire-proof boards, clean color steel plates and cold storage wallboards is under way. Tongji has regarded them as the first standard to measure the national scientific and technological level, namely, the construction of air, fire-fighting and electrical equipment. The project will be completed in early May and put into operation at the end of May

statistics show that as of March 26, the cumulative supply of the two new crown vaccines of Sinopharm Beijing Institute of biological products and Wuhan Institute of biological products should exceed 100million doses of spare parts. The vaccinated population covers more than 190 countries, which has been widely recognized and highly praised by the international community

the relevant person in charge said that after the completion of the project, it will provide safe, effective and high-quality vaccine public products for vaccination at home and abroad, and build a strong global war and epidemic defense line. At the same time, it will promote the central region to build the most complete whole industrial chain of biological agents, and help Wuhan to build a billion level health industry cluster at the 2013 China brand products import Fair held in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province recently

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