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Shenzhou Taiyue "smart brain" won the third prize in the "2016 big data application innovation competition"

on April 5, the final of the 2016 big data application innovation competition hosted by Wuxi information and radio administration bureau and supported by Wuxi Municipal People's government officially ended. After five months of preliminary review, semi-finals and finals, Shenzhou Taiyue intelligent brain team won the third prize in the competition by virtue of Taiyue semantic cloud big data intelligent analysis project of public security industry cases

award winning photos of lishiyong, leader of Shenzhou Taiyue intelligent brain team

this competition focuses on the integration and application of government data and Internet data. It is committed to creating intelligent products (prototypes) and solutions under the condition of changing concentration, and shows the wonderful ideas in the fields of smart people's livelihood, smart environmental protection, smart transportation, smart urban management, urban safety, etc., so as to effectively solve the real urban problems. There were 636 participating teams, more than 800 people, and nearly 200 submitted works. The jury was led by academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, including professors of three famous domestic universities, relevant principals of Wuxi Municipal Administration, and professionals from Alibaba, 360 and other IT industry giants. They are evaluated from the theoretical and practical value, market development, social value, technical route, innovation and characteristics

Taiyue semantic cloud big data intelligent case analysis system for the public security industry, also known as smart brain public security case analysis system, is based on the advanced intelligent semantic cognitive technology and dinfo-oec text analysis and mining platform of China Taiyue. It is oriented to different police types in the public security industry, such as criminal investigation, economic investigation, public security, anti narcotics, etc., and uses the natural language semantic analysis technology in the field of artificial intelligence to deal with criminal cases, burglary, car related In the information systems of Telecom fraud, 110 report and other business types, the brief case information, return visit records, field investigation records, interrogation records, interrogation records and other characteristic information are analyzed and extracted to realize the automatic analysis of unstructured data, the automatic identification of case characteristics, the automatic analysis of cross collision of case characteristics and the acquisition of data analysis products that string and combine case clues, so as to provide information departments and investigation departments with case detection The auxiliary support for case series and parallel research and judgment can effectively reduce the labor expenditure of the police force and ensure that the production process of case research can develop the judgment foundation in any direction beneficial to the enterprise's benefits, so as to effectively assist in combating crime and improving the efficiency of solving cases

at present, zhinao public security case analysis system has been successfully applied in several branches of Beijing Public Security Bureau. For more than 22000 burglary cases in 2016, smart brain automatically identified, analyzed and extracted the case feature information, and realized the serial connection of cases in which the energy used accounted for about 12% and nearly 10% of the total energy consumption of the national economy during the period of last month. How can these three cases be smart? Let the front-line police officers be so amazed

smart brain public security case analysis system can effectively improve the ability of criminal investigation and meet the social needs of maintaining stability. Shenzhou Taiyue's dinfo-oec unstructured text analysis and mining platform based on intelligent semantic cognitive technology has the ability of completely business oriented modeling, and can provide powerful text analysis capabilities for various industries such as public security, finance, media, etc

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