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Combine high-grade grey and green, add vitality factor to calm, and have warm colors in the cold and gorgeous world. Elegance and fashion are accompanied by amazing and rolling. Now enjoy it with osley wallcovering

high grade grey, low-key and calm, with the texture of reinforced concrete, is an indispensable color in modern life

green, energetic, fresh and natural with flowers, plants and trees. Bright colors are often involved in daily life. Although ordinary, they are also the best in the fashion circle

combine high-grade grey and green, add vitality factor to calm, and have warm colors in the cold and gorgeous world. Elegance and fashion are accompanied by amazing and rolling

house type map

114 square meters | modern style high-grade gray + green

guest restaurant

there was originally no porch when entering the home from the gate, but after placing a glass partition, it formed a small porch

the glass partition enriches the level of the whole home and creates a sense of continuous flow. The shoe cabinet on the right makes it more convenient to change shoes when going out. At the same time, the indomitable design increases the storage space of the whole home

when you enter the door, you can see the green checkered wall, and create a fresh and natural home with the gray wall, dark green wall and log colored ground in the distance

green checkered pattern


through the glass partition

you can see the dining room and living room

the living room is mainly dark green

the solemn dark green

is matched with the light realistic plane style frame

to form the visual focus

advanced gray and log color

make the home closer to nature

more lightweight

so that people can easily enjoy it.

that pleasant comfort

dark green check


High Grade grey


master bedroom

comes from natural colors, and green shows us wonderful visual charm. Take green as the background wall at the head of the bed, and match it with log color dado and furniture to immerse the whole family in the beauty of nature

light pink throw pillows decorate

soften the whole space

like flowers

people's hearts can't help being soft

gray little bee


dark green checkered


the small balcony outside the master bedroom

has made the master's workshop

Green checkered

fresh and natural

green checkered


secondary bedroom

dark green and dark gray are the keynote of the whole space, Bedding is also gray, which is a more rational space

solemn but full of life color

light luxury texture, showing modern home experience

dark green thousand bird lattice


dark gray


the small balcony outside the second bedroom

is still transformed into a small study

dark green lattice


children's room

the wall of children's room.With light green as the keynote, large pieces of log colored furniture enhance the warmth of children's space, and large French windows, Give it enough light, scattered toys, showing children's playful nature

light green

423-11 bottom cloth

oshilai seamless wall cloth is green and environmental friendly. The process is produced with world-class equipment. With years of experienced textile technology and patterns independently developed and designed, the product is unique and the quality is assured and reliable

(image and text source: Ou Shilai wall cloth, invasion and deletion)





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