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Flat curtain or Roman curtain, whether to make curtain head, curtain style design is closely related to window type, opening frequency and room style. The city leader will introduce you to several main curtain styles, which you can choose according to your own preferences and needs

first, curtain style without curtain head

curtain style: curtains do not make curtain heads. Generally, there are two production methods, one is the hidden track with curtain box, and the other is the open track without curtain box, that is, to wear Roman pole. There are mainly the following ways to wear Roman pole:

1. Iron ring and pole

curtain style: iron ring and pole do not need to be folded, and iron rings are nailed at equal intervals from the top of the curtain; The size of the iron ring depends on the thickness of the Roman pole. Yaxin curtain fabric suggests that you try to use a larger iron ring to facilitate the opening of the curtain

2. Drapery belt perforated curtain

curtain style: the cloth belt made of cloth is used to connect the Roman pole and the curtain body, and it is sewn on the top of the curtain body. Yaxin curtain fabric production belt has precise dimensions, with a width of 7cm and a hole spacing of 3.8~4cm

curtain style: this style of curtain is fresh, elegant, simple and natural, which is similar to the skin friendly simplicity of suspender pants and suspender skirts. It is more and more loved by fashion seeking petty bourgeoisie. The disadvantage is that the curtain is not easy to open

3. Pleated hanging ring threading rod

curtain style: fold at the top of the curtain equidistant, and the pleated position can be stuffed with pipe cotton, and then use a convenient lifting ring. The curtain cloth is connected with the lifting ring through the hook, and the lifting ring is worn on the curtain rod, which can flexibly pull and open the curtain. This practice is relatively common

4. Car through pipe and rod

curtain style: This is a relatively economical method, which does not need iron rings, hooks and pleats. Car out through pipe at the top of the curtain, and put the Roman rod directly into it. This kind of curtain is difficult to pull. It can only be lifted and tied on both sides. It is suitable for windows that do not need to be opened often

curtain style: if you want to form a naturally folded curtain head effect at the top, Yaxin curtain fabric requires that the pole position should be kept three centimeters away from the top

II. Curtain style with curtain head

generally, the curtain head can be divided into flat curtain head and wavy curtain head

1. Flat curtain head

curtain style: flat curtain head is simple and modern, and the material is not much, and the processing is relatively simple. The height of the curtain head is 10 to 15cm for short curtains and 20 to 30cm for long curtains. The bottom edge of the curtain head can be designed into various shapes according to their own preferences, such as linear, wavy, ruffle, lace, etc., as well as several combinations

2. Wave curtain head

curtain style: wave curtain head is relatively complex in curtain style. It is luxurious and atmospheric. It uses a lot of materials, the price is relatively expensive, and the production requirements are also high. It is mostly used in luxury rooms to increase the beauty of curtains and set off the gorgeous atmosphere in the room

III. water waves

there are two kinds of water waves, namely, landing water waves and modern water waves

1. Landing water wave

curtain style: landing water wave is to fold and string lines at the equal division of the curtain, and the whole curtain forms regular waves from top to bottom. The large water wave on the ground of the large window can be lifted and lowered through the electric track. The landing water wave of the non electric track is fixed and cannot be lifted and opened. The shape of landing water waves is beautiful, romantic, noble and elegant without losing atmosphere. It is often used in villas, duplex and other high-end residences

2. Modern water wave

curtain style: modern water wave is different from the landing water wave. Its lower half is wave, and the upper half is straight plane. This kind of water wave can be pulled up and down, with thin folds down and dense folds up. It is small and exquisite, suitable for small windows

IV. Roman curtain

Roman curtain has a unique shape and can rise and fall freely. At present, it has gradually become a popular style. The main body of the Roman curtain is composed of two parts: the guide rail and the curtain body. The curtain body is flat and straight, and there is a bottom cloth. Aluminum or plastic strips are sewed between the bottom cloth and the main cloth as the supporting framework. When it is put in and out, the layered sense of the cloth layer by layer adds a bit of beauty to the space




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