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Floor leather has the advantages of simple construction, convenient maintenance, low price, comfortable foot feel, wear resistance and dirt resistance, and is deeply loved by many decoration families who pursue cost performance. What is floor leather, and what are its advantages and disadvantages. How to choose? This article will take you to find out

introduction of floor leather

floor leather (also known as coiled floor), a new type of flooring material, belongs to plastic products, and is one of the indispensable floor materials for modern room decoration. Its thickness is more than 1.5 mm, and its wear-resistant layer is more than 0.1. Generally, it uses glass fiber or double coating with good flatness. Plastic floor leather belongs to soft floor, which is a floor roll produced by coating or calendering on a sheet continuous substrate with PVC resin as the main raw material and appropriate additives

advantages of floor leather

first, the price is cheap, which is several times cheaper than wood flooring, but there are also many laminate floors in the market whose prices are comparable; Second, it is easy to clean. Because it is waterproof and water-resistant, it can be scrubbed with water; Third, there are various patterns. Because there are many patterns, there is a wide range of choices. People can choose and buy according to their preferences. They can replace them every two to three years, rather than the trouble of replacing wooden floors; Fourth, it is easy to install, easy to use, time-saving, labor-saving and labor-saving

disadvantages of floor leather

compared with wood flooring, first, wood flooring is more environmentally friendly and durable, with a long service life. Wood flooring is processed from natural wood, which is more environmentally friendly than artificial floor leather, and the service life of wood flooring is up to 50 years. Second, the decorative effect is not as real and natural as the wooden floor. The wooden floor is rigid and soft, and it is not easy to dust, giving people a high-level decoration effect that is unmatched by other materials. Third: wood flooring is more precious than floor leather. Because it is derived from natural forest resources, it has a certain artistic value after precision processing, which brings more choices for home decoration

selection of floor leather

the selection of floor leather products should be adapted to local conditions. For example, the size of the product is determined according to the space of the house and the size of the place of use. At the same time, we should pay attention to the different places of use, and the selected patterns should also be different. For example, in places that need to be kept clean, products with convex effect cannot be selected; In solemn places, it is not suitable to choose products with bright colors and messy

specification and size of floor leather

the width of coiled floor is 1800mm and 2000mm; The total thickness (referring to the base material, the middle layer and the wear-resistant layer of the surface leather pattern of the surface leather pattern) is divided into two sizes: 1mm and 2mm; The length of each roll of floor leather is 20m and 30m. Other specifications and dimensions can be determined by both parties through negotiation. Because of the production requirements, each roll of floor leather is divided into several sections (the patterns between each two sections are misplaced), so a roll of floor leather with sections should indicate the length of the small section, and the length of the roll of floor leather should be increased by at least 20cm (that is, not less than two complete patterns). Generally, there can only be one section of superior products, and the number of sections of first-class products and qualified products per roll shall not exceed 2; The length of each section of first-class products shall not be less than 6m, and the length of each section of qualified products shall not be less than 4m

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