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The popularity of China's good voice will enable more people to enjoy the wonderful song and realize their dreams. Tonight, we will join hands with Na Ying to take you to enjoy the "Peak Night" and enjoy the wonderful moments of this night

crazy about it, China's good voice, how many people's dream stage, tonight, I music cabinet let you enjoy the peak night

on September 21, the "night of the peak of my music kitchen cabinet, such a wonderful group purchase concert for 10000 people" was officially held in Nanjing, which was joined by Na Ying, the queen of heaven, and Ge Hongyu, the students of good voice, and Zhou Shiying. More than 7000 music fans interacted passionately with Na Ying and good voice students on the scene. Na Ying's cordial posture and wonderful singing, and the passionate singing of good voice students made this concert seem to be a warm-up version of the peak night of the third season of China's good voice. In Nanjing in early autumn and September, there was another upsurge of China's good voice, my good kitchen cabinet

Na Ying joined to show her talent.

on September 21, Na Ying flew into Nanjing Jiangning sports center. She appeared in a red and white striped shirt with a black skirt, which attracted more than 7000 fans to exclaim "too young". Na Ying performed many popular golden songs such as "laugh it off", "see the flowers in the fog", "don't understand the darkness of the night in the daytime", which aroused the enthusiastic response of all my fans. During the performance, all the fans joined Na Ying in an affectionate chorus. And the fans at the scene were particularly moved by Tian Tian's unflattering posture and straightforward personality. Not only interact with the children who offer flowers on stage very lovingly, but also communicate with the fans off stage from time to time

Ge Hongyu and Zhou Shiying, who were lucky to be on the same stage with Na Ying again, also brought many wonderful songs to the audience

peak sound, my music is more wonderful

since 2013, my music kitchen cabinet has become the only partner in the home building materials industry of China's good voice, my music's sense of design, fashion elements and product quality have been loved by more and more consumers. Hua Shao, good voice students tasken, Meng Nan, Liu Zichen, Wang Yu, Tian Dan, Ge Hongyu, Zhou Shiying and many other excellent students cheered for me. The number of online registrants for this event alone was nearly 20000. On September 21, 7000 fans gathered on site, and a total of more than 100000 fans watched the live broadcast of Youku in 1000 branch venues across the country. With the joining of Na Ying, our "good voice" lineup is becoming stronger and stronger, and our products and services are constantly upgrading

Xu Tao, the marketing director of our kitchen cabinet, announced the preferential privileges on the spot, and the nine concessions let consumers across the country enjoy substantial benefits. In order not to let the relatives and friends who are decorating miss this value-added purchase opportunity, a Shandong consumer who signed the most orders ordered four sets of Wole kitchen cabinets at one time, which also made the on-site signing in Shandong as high as 115%. As of 5:00 p.m. on the 21st, the total number of tickets signed has exceeded 10000, creating a new high in the number of single event tickets signed in the industry

singing Nanjing night, my music cabinet brings you a musical enjoyment, so that people can enjoy this wonderful night. I love cupboard to create a better life for you





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