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Shijiazhuang siyao non PVC soft bag infusion line completed recently, the first non PVC multi-layer co extruded film infusion production line in Hebei Province with an investment of 11million yuan and an annual output of 30million bags of infusion products was completed in Shijiazhuang siyao Co., Ltd., and passed the GMP certification on-site inspection of the State Food and Drug Administration. The non PVC multi-layer coextrusion film infusion production line introduced by Shijiazhuang siyao from Germany integrates bag making, cleaning, label printing, filling, sealing and other processes. The technical content and automation level have reached the world leading level. The hardness is generally divided into absolute hardness and relative hardness. The product will be put on the market in the near future. With the production line put into operation, siyao has the ability to produce glass bottles, PP plastic bottles, non PVC multi-layer coextrusion films and other packages, while the matching gap of ordinary rib is difficult to adjust the infusion products in the form of dispensing

source: China Medical News

Kalou, the project leader of medical equipment, pointed out in an interview: "our materials are not strong enough at present

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