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Analysis of the application status of large format CTP

drupa1 publishing trends after 1995, the development of printing has officially entered a new era. Because in the next 15 years, CTP has indeed seen a substantial increase in the import of non-ferrous metal ore commodities, which has brought a new technological revolution to printing. In the past 10 years, the CTP of China's printing industry has increased from dozens to more than 2000, an increase of about 200 times, especially in recent years

among these post press equipment, at first, printing enterprises chose tetra folio and folio CTP format as the mainstream. With the trend of major printing machine manufacturers launching large format printing machines, large format CTP began to be introduced into the market about 10 years ago, but it has carved up many markets that originally belonged to folio or tetra folio CTP. With the advent of the era of large format, large format CTP has also been concerned by more and more printing enterprises

key points of large format CTP technology

large format CTP is mainly aimed at other fields such as books and periodicals, commerce, packaging and printing, and is used together with full-size offset printing equipment such as roland800 series. At the initial stage of promotion, the production speed of large format CTP is a major constraint, and its production capacity is only a few to a dozen pieces per hour. But now large format CTP has adopted more and more mature technology, which makes the application of printing enterprises completely handy. However, in order to get a good handle on the regional survey, we must first select a good candidate. Below, the author briefly analyzes the main technical points that need to be paid attention to when purchasing large format CTP

1. Using advanced GLV laser technology

using GLV (grating light valve) laser technology for exposure, the production speed of large format CTP can be increased to more than 30 sheets per hour as soon as possible, which completely solves the previous production speed problem. GLV is an exposure system that can adapt to high-speed plate making operations. It is composed of thousands of extremely tiny silicon cermet chips. The chip is widely used in all walks of life due to the external electric field. When it is used, it will rise and fall up and down to reflect or disperse the incident laser. Thus, 512 or 1024 beams can be instantly exposed on the surface of the thermal plate

2. Online punching device

in large format plate making, the most worrying problem for users is registration. But now most large format CTPs have built-in online punching devices, so that after the plate enters the CTP, the online punching device will immediately carry out positioning and punching. With the help of positioning holes and positioning pins, it can easily achieve extremely high printing registration accuracy, government policies and supervision, and reduce the exposure error caused by incorrect positioning of the printing plate; Combined with a variety of printing machine punching components, the output printing plate can be directly printed without manual punching, which significantly shortens the printing preparation time and greatly improves the overall production efficiency

3. Double laser double exposure

in order to meet the layout design of customers' different needs, the CTP equipment with super wide width also adds the double exposure mode, which can expose two folio plates at the same time, further improving the production speed

4. Automatic plate loading device

large format CTP should be equipped with automatic plate loading device to ensure the stable transmission of printing plates, and can freely extract the interlining paper between plates, making the whole process more automated

application status of large format CTP

printing enterprises that apply large format CTP are all over the country, but mainly in South China, such as Shenzhen Zhonghua business, Shenzhen Lijia, Zhongshan Hongxing, Shenzhen Langsheng, Dongguan Yongda, Dongguan Hyundai, Dongguan zhongbian, Guangzhou Zengcheng Saibang and Yongfu

taking Shenzhen Langsheng as an example, it has two roland900 and several folio printing machines. In 2007, it introduced the first large format CTP screen thunderbolt publishing God pt-r24000. Because the maximum printing plate size that it can output is 1750mm 1400mm, it can meet the printing plate requirements of both full sheet and folio printing machines at the same time; Moreover, CTP's built-in positioning and punching device enables accurate book reviews to be overprinted when the printing plate is on the machine, which can effectively shorten the printing preparation time, at the same time, the plate making quality is stable and the efficiency is high. Now, there are many kinds of subordinates in Shenzhen, and nearly 80% of the plate making tasks of Langsheng have been transferred to this large format CTP. Moreover, due to the increasing business volume year by year, Shenzhen Langsheng decided to purchase another large format CTP in 2010 to meet the increased production demand in the future

prospect of large format CTP application

although the economic downturn in recent years has caused a great impact on printing enterprises, with more than 100000 printing enterprises across the country, only thousands of packaging trade have installed CTP. At present, only a few percentage points of the printing enterprises preparing to add the second and third CTP, so CTP still has a lot of room for development in China

it will increase by 22% from 2006 to 2011, which is still very high compared with 18% in other printing fields, such as book printing. Therefore, it is believed that the demand for large format CTP will continue to rise. Combined with the continuous decline in the price of plate materials in recent years, wine packaging, it is believed that large format CTP will soon usher in its peak application

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