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Analysis of the application prospect of call center in the automotive industry

with the continuous development of economic globalization and the continuous progress of Internet technology, automotive consumption and demand have increased significantly. The continuous growth of automobile sales not only benefits from the rise of the trade market, which constitutes the unity of people's living standards, but also goes beyond its original purpose. It is a symbol of identity and social status. At present, the market competition structure of commercial vehicles in China is gradually becoming reasonable and growing steadily, and the specific consumption hot spots are gradually shifting from developed regions to developing regions

at the same time, the vigorous development of the automotive industry has also further promoted the application and promotion of call center services. At present, many large automotive enterprises have established their own call centers, while relatively small enterprises or automobile sales enterprises such as 4S stores are unable to bear the high cost and low income of building their own call centers. Therefore, both traditional call center and cloud call center services have extremely broad prospects in the automotive industry. The call center industry in the United States has formed a relatively mature mechanism in this regard. Its call center applications in the automotive industry mainly involve automobile manufacturers, automobile dealers and third-party service providers. The output of three types of call centers will reach 60000 tons. The business functions of each type of call center are clearly divided and perform their respective duties. How to test the rupture strength testing machine? For example, the call centers of automobile manufacturers are mainly responsible for market research, customer demand research, etc, Automobile dealers mainly provide customers with pre-sales consultation, order tracking and other services

in view of the unpredictable current market situation and the uncertain demand and cycle of call center seats, cloud call centers have broader market prospects and competitive advantages than traditional call centers. Jiangsu Zhiheng's cloud seat product is a relatively perfect and mature cloud call in the current market environment. Now Stora Enso saves more than half of the raw materials needed to make a milk box compared with the central product in the 1970s. It not only has multiple functions, but also has the characteristics of low investment cost, fast use, convenience and so on

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