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Since the late 1990s, with the improvement of the economic and cultural living standards of Chinese residents, the rapid development of science and technology, the unprecedented prosperity of Internet business, all kinds of large and small Internet service business places, namely bars, have sprung up in our lives. However, it was not until the devastating arson case of Beijing lanjisu bar in 2002, in which 25 young lives were ruthlessly devoured by the fire, that the management of the bar attracted widespread attention in the society. Premier Zhu Rongji signed State Council Decree No. 363 and promulgated the regulations on the administration of business premises for Internet services (hereinafter referred to as the regulations). In recent years, with the reduction of computer cost and the popularization of computer technology in the continuous loading process of 8, the competition of bar business is also intensifying. Indeed, bars all over the streets play an important role in the high-speed dissemination of information, the popularization of scientific knowledge, and the provision of leisure and entertainment. However, in terms of fire safety, the characteristics of the bar, such as large fire load, more fire and electricity, dense personnel, and high equipment value, are also quite worthy of attention. At the same time, with the more specific licensing conditions and clear quantitative standards of the cultural department, the bar has been brought into the supervision line of sight of the fire supervision department

at more than 1:00 a.m. on June 4, a bar in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, suddenly caught fire again. In this fire, a total of 27 people were burned to varying degrees, including 15 minors under the age of 14. At present, one person has died due to ineffective rescue. The recurrence of the tragedy once again caused people to think about how to prevent and manage the fire

II. Analysis of fire hazards

1. Improper selection of geographical location. Many bars only pay attention to the provisions of Article 9 of order No. 363 of the State Council when selecting the site, "no Internet service business places shall be set up within 200 meters around the middle school and primary school campuses and in residential buildings (hospitals)", but ignore the safety of the site selection. Some are in residential areas with high building density and large population. Once a fire breaks out, the fire engine cannot pass at all; Some are in urban and rural suburbs, far from the fire station, and a fire will also delay the rescue opportunity

2. Insufficient emergency exits and blocked passages. Some rent residential houses, although the number of floors is not high, but the fire resistance rating is low. After changing the nature of use, a large number of floating personnel have increased, and the original design exit width and quantity can not meet the needs, resulting in congenital deficiencies; Some separated the high floor commercial facade into upper and lower floors, and the evacuation stairs were narrow in width and large in slope; Some operators lock the safety exit in order to ensure revenue and prevent theft and escape due to insufficient management personnel

3. The bar line is heavily loaded. Dozens or even hundreds of computers in the bar work at the same time and are used for a long time. Coupled with high load points such as air conditioners and heaters, the bar has become a highly dense electrical appliance group. It has brought serious fire hazards to bar

4. Generally, there are no fire-fighting facilities or the fire-fighting facilities fail. Some of the fire extinguishers configured in some bars are not in line with the use nature of the place, and most of the fire extinguishers are invalid or expired, making the allocation of fire-fighting equipment useless

5. The fire fighting quality of employees is low. The owners and employees of the bar have basically not received any form of fire safety training and education, and there is no fire fighting and evacuation plan

III. requirements of bar fire on fire fighting technology

1. Efficient fire extinguishing. Bars are generally transformed by commercial facades and residential houses, and the vanadium product output of Panzhihua Iron and steel group accounts for more than 50% of the country. The original design load can not meet the actual power consumption needs. Without transformation or incomplete transformation, a large number of computers are overloaded with power for a long time, coupled with disorderly wiring, natural and man-made damage, aging and other reasons, it is easy to cause a fire itself. In addition, there are many computers and people in the bar. If the fire cannot be extinguished in time and effectively after the fire, it is very easy to cause the rapid spread of the fire, resulting in the tragic consequences of machine destruction and human death, and even an explosion endangering the surrounding houses

2. Prevent re ignition. The bar has dense computers, many wiring, large fire load, and disordered environment. The wires are inevitably not exposed to high temperature baking, mechanical damage or wet corrosion. Over time, short circuits or poor contacts may occur. Sometimes, due to human reasons, violating the electrical installation regulations, wiring without authorization, making the connector unstable; Repeatedly closing the switch or closing in case of phase failure; The wire was pulled by external force and mechanically damaged, resulting in loose contact [China Plastics News] LANXESS released that the entertainment information carrier designed by mixing continuous reinforced fiber polyamide composite and polyamide 62 molding materials was first applied to Audi A6 motor, etc. Even if the fire extinguishing agent extinguishes the fire, these hidden dangers of electrical wires and all kinds of flammable sundries in the bar will soon burn again under high temperature. Refresh the data according to actual needs. Therefore, the key to extinguishing fire is to prevent re ignition

3. Safety and environmental protection. In addition to the staff, there are sophisticated computer instruments, air conditioners, heating equipment, etc. The fire extinguishing agent is required to be non-toxic and harmless to people and electrical appliances, and it is easy to clean the scene after the fire, so as to minimize the damage to the fire bar

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