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GE Fanuc smart devices held a press conference in Shanghai

senior officials from the group will gather to introduce to you the solutions and emerging technologies that gefanuc smart devices can provide to Chinese users and the market strategies they adopt in China

on May 23, 2008, gefanuc smart devices in Shanghai, China, a member of Ge enterprise solutions, held a half day press conference today, Activities will include visiting Ge China Science Park and listening to wonderful speeches by Group executives

"gefanuc provides the market with unique and flexible solutions and advanced and highly reliable technologies to ensure customers' long-term success", said Mr. edmartin, chief marketing officer of gefanuc. Together with Mr. edmartin, Mr. Huang Jia, general manager of Greater China, presided over the event At present, Zui multi method is adopted, that is, large deformation is installed at both ends of the collet to prevent the sample from sliding Mr. Yu, Mr. jayswenson, director of global marketing and communication, Ms. lindaonnen, director of global automotive/healthcare/consumer goods industry marketing, and Mr. marcelvanhelten, director of global infrastructure marketing, etc. They introduced the solutions for the embedded system, consumer goods and infrastructure industries with their corresponding market strategies. The team from the company's OEM market department also had an in-depth discussion with the audience on the solutions

"embedded computers are becoming more sophisticated and integrated, and data transmission will become faster and safer". Mr Swenson said: "Gefanuc is working with Chinese OEMs and general contractors to develop a new generation of systems using new technologies and platforms. This has achieved initial success in the aerospace system. We put a high-performance AFDX electronic equipment bus into an ExpressCard, which can be inserted into notebook computers. By using open standard technology, gefanuc provides ready-made advanced technology packages for Chinese users, so that they can add Speed up the introduction of end products to the market and easily upgrade through new technologies with the technological progress of the domestic aluminum industry "

" in China, an emerging market, the demand of the new generation of wealthy consumers for cars and consumer goods is growing, "Ms. onnen said, "In this highly competitive market, how to efficiently produce high-quality products is very important. At the same time, as Chinese automobile manufacturers continue to increase exports to the west, providing product production history information to prove product quality has also become an increasingly urgent demand. Gefanuc intelligent devices can provide modular and scalable solutions, which can improve the production process, equipment efficiency, quality control and production history Tracking, these solutions can help Chinese automobile and consumer goods manufacturers improve productivity, which is also known as the assembly solution for timely operation at the first time. "

Mr. vanhelten discussed gefanuc's efforts in sewage treatment, an industry that has attracted much attention in China. "Gefanuc smart devices will provide the necessary expertise for water treatment plants, desalination plants and water delivery systems in the next few years, committed to reducing non consumer water, that is, the amount of water that has been treated but cannot be used by consumers." Gefanuc is currently developing a professional water treatment library using Proficy process control system to provide water treatment plants with a simple system to help them reduce the execution time of water treatment. At the same time, gefanuc also announced to focus on providing excellent automation solutions for desalination plants

Mr. van helte also said that gefanuc's equipment is now being used in tidal energy, wind energy, bioenergy and other fields. The solutions provided by the company can be used for remote management and optimization of energy assets, and its control system can also be directly applied to equipment that uses energy to generate electricity. "Gefanuc has appropriate equipment to control energy assets, which can be monitored through our HMI products and optimized using production management products"

the new hardware, software and embedded solutions have the following characteristics:

proficyworkflow, based on Pro, with 1:7 tapered ficysoa technology at the bottom: this system can improve and optimize industrial and production practices. Proficyworkflow can digitize and process the production process - from work orders and standard control procedures (SOPs) to corrective actions and HACCP monitoring

is-100 and is-200 industrial server product lines: a high-performance, rugged server solution with a life cycle of up to 5 years and minimizing investment costs

proficyhmi/scada – cimplicity7.5-cimplicity7.5 is the latest version of gefanuc's advanced industry management and monitoring solution, which provides more diagnostic tools, security, development tools, connectivity and flexibility than the old version

proficymaintenancegateway – a new product of gefanuc, this software package enables factory engineers and maintenance personnel to easily manage and support preventive, predictive and emergency maintenance through real-time production data, events and information. Enterprises can improve the reliability of their assets by reducing the failure rate of equipment and increasing the normal operation time

avionics analysis tool using ExpressCard Technology: these cards are easy to carry and can provide portable tests with high productivity and reliability for key aviation systems

proficyprocesssystem1.5 is a new version of the company's perfectly integrated process control system. It provides customers with better quality and higher reliability, helps users increase productivity, improve performance and efficiency, and reduce investment costs

ifix4.5:proficyhmi/scada-ifix4.5 (the Chinese version has been released at present) provides comprehensive monitoring, control and data management for global enterprises

finally, edmartin, chief marketing officer, concluded, "we are confident in our excellent expert technology and world-class products, and we will build a solid foundation for the future of China's manufacturing industry"

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