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GE Fanuc announced the launch of gra111

-- an open VPX compatible 3U VPX graphics platform that uses the new NVIDIA GT 240 CUDA GPGPU technology to play an amazing performance

GE Fanuc intelligent platform, as one of the business groups under Ge enterprise solutions, today announced the launch of an open VPX compatible gra111 high-performance graphics board. Gra111 strengthens the partnership between GE Fanuc intelligent platform and NVIDIA announced on October 8. It is not only the first batch of commercial products using NVIDIA's newly released GT 240 GPU (graphics processor), but also strengthens the ruggedness and durability of GPU supporting CUDA for the first time

gra111 is the first product planned by GE Fanuc to support CUDA. It gives supercomputing capabilities to applications and environments that need advanced processing performance (such as radar, signal intelligence, and video monitoring and interpretation), and is expected to enrich and expand the connotation of the exhibition. Military and aerospace embedded computing will undergo revolutionary changes

"the great potential of general-purpose graphics processor GPGPU under large-scale parallel computing architecture is just emerging for developers in the military and aerospace fields." Said Rob mckeel, vice president of embedded systems for GE Fanuc intelligent platform. "Our new compact lightweight platform, launched today, opens an exciting future, providing superior computing power for demanding applications and harsh environments."

NVIDIA CUDA is a general parallel computing architecture, which uses NVIDIA GPU parallel computing engine to quickly solve many computing problems of general CPU. It includes CUDA instruction set architecture (ISA) and GPU parallel computing engine

from cud and the application of a national invention patent a, we can see that various applications using parallel computing have increased the speed by 100x. Early tests by GE Fanuc have shown that military applications can enjoy similar speed improvements. In the military/aerospace industry, major general contractors have evaluated the CUDA architecture in radar systems and found that with a little reprogramming, the performance can be improved by 15 times. Other general contractors also showed great interest in this technology

3u format gra111 has powerful performance mainly in 96 core, 128 bit memory interface, 1 gbyte DDR3 video memory, 16 channel PCI Express Gen 2 interface, 540mhz graphics clock, and NVIDIA GT 240 GPU 1302mhz processor clock

gra111 can also be used as LRM (field replaceable module) according to vpx-reddi (Vita 48) standard. Moreover, with a complete set of i/o, 5-gold tool torque detection equipment of gra111, it can be used for the change strength test of all kinds of wrenches, and can also carry out the torsion strength test of all kinds of parts and wrenches The torsional test of parts and components can also be carried out by adding corresponding accessories Advanced capabilities can be applied to many of the most common graphics and video applications. Independent dual channels mean that he Guoliang can drive RGB analog component video, digital DVI 1.0 and HDMI standards. In addition, the video input capability of gra111 can integrate sensor data using rs170, NTSC or PAL video formats

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