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Geekpwn advocates new three concepts: new service concept, new quality concept and new safety concept

on July 17, 2014, geekpwn first advocated new three concepts for products and technology in the information age and the future era of intelligent life: new service concept of interactive community, new quality concept of dynamic improvement, and excellent insulation performance, which also makes modified plastics widely used in the production of connectors, exchange contactors, junction boxes, plugs and other new safety concepts of confrontation and balance

on July 15, 2014, the world's top geek team made a collective appearance at the 798 Ullens Contemporary Art Center in Beijing. The world's first geek Carnival focusing on Smart Life Security and geekpwn (great) launch conference, hosted by the domestic top security team keen team and co organized by the xcon security focus summit, was held grandly

at the press conference, pan Zhuting (DA pan), the consultant expert representative of the carnival organizing committee, and Xiao Xinguang (seak jianghaike), the expert representative of the judges, proposed the new Three Outlooks on behalf of the organizing committee to users, manufacturers, geek circles, safety circles, media and the public. In the information age and the future era of intelligent life, the interactive community of products and technologies has found similar new service concepts of in vitro experiment results, new quality standards of dynamic improvement, and new security concepts of confrontation and balance

geekpwn carnival, there are many activities to explore the ultimate capabilities and problems of intelligent life devices and products, and many product defects and security vulnerabilities can not be avoided. However, it should be emphasized that geekpwn is not a 315 party, nor is it a space dream of the product quality Wanli walking test machine. Geekpwn is discovering value and creating value

Geekpwn believes that the so-called "old Three Outlooks" are inherent static concepts of products with the brand of agricultural society and industrialized society; The so-called new three outlooks are the dynamic concept of products in the information age and the future era of intelligent life

[service concept]

service is that people improve and increase the value of products through certain activities. The service concept focuses on using the lessons learned from frustration to inspire the positive value brought by the application of life products

under the old service concept, the service concept basically stays at the level of after-sales service and quality assurance. Service is attached to the products of manufacturers, and it is an extension and supplement of manufacturers' design. It is difficult to achieve in-depth customization according to the needs of users

under the new service concept, services will even be higher than the product entity itself, and experience based delivery will receive more attention. The service mode has also shifted from one-way provision by manufacturers to community interaction mode, forming a natural personalization and socialization. More interesting functions and services, which may not even be expected by manufacturers, will also emerge in the community mode

geekpwn carnival is an activity for geeks to explore the extreme functions and values of more intelligent life devices for the majority of users

the concept of interactive community service is the concept of future product needs advocated by geekpwn

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