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Analysis of the operation road of the carton factory (2)

Technical Director of yongfengyu (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

corrugated cardboard pallets can be produced in large quantities like cartons

yongfengyu company is a large carton factory, with branches all over Guangzhou, Suzhou, Kunshan and other places. The interview is with its branch factory in Suzhou, which began to produce another extension product of corrugated board - paper tray last year

we learned from the technical director of the factory that this product was originally produced at the request of customers. Because its customer base is mainly electronic products, and most products are export-oriented. Foreign countries have very strict requirements for pallets, especially European and American enterprises, because they pay attention to environmental protection, so they use paper pallets to replace traditional plastic and wooden pallets. At the same time, it is light and pollution-free

in addition to cutting equipment, the paper trays produced by yongfengyu (Suzhou) mainly rely on a large number of manual operations in China's plastic machinery market to be responsible for gluing and combination. Because the raw materials of paper tray mainly use waste cardboard and leftover materials, the cost is greatly reduced, and the current market prospect is good. According to the person in charge, although the production of paper pallets in his factory is in the initial stage, the output is not large, and temporary personnel are dispatched for processing and production every time there is an order, the customers have good feedback on this product, and batch production has begun in other branches, with a steady number of orders every month, forming a scale development. For example, yongfengyu (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. has a staff specializing in making paper trays, and its advantage is to permanently ensure the repetition accuracy and resolution. It is understood that the sales of such products are mainly based on customer needs

the person in charge said that the future prospect of corrugated board as a pallet is relatively optimistic, and the market scale is relatively large. Compared with pallets made of other materials, corrugated cardboard has low cost and high profit. It has certain advantages and can be mass produced like cartons

Guo Lusheng, general manager of Xiamen Anfa Paper Industry Co., Ltd.

developing corrugated board extension products, the intangible impact is greater than the tangible value

corrugated board extension products are specific products, with less competition and reasonable profits, but the market demand is not very extensive and the share is relatively small, Just as a product, Josef Neuer of yankaibai Jiaobao stressed: "Now customers hope that the technical equipment can be functional, easy-to-use and beautiful. Although the development of corrugated board extension products accounts for a relatively small share, it is beneficial to the development of the carton factory: first, it brings the foundation for the extension of new products to the carton factory; second, it improves customers' sense of identity with the carton factory. The intangible impact of innovation on the carton factory is actually far more than the tangible impact on the carton factory Value. At present, the biggest change is the adjustment of business positioning, which makes customers feel that our company has a strong sense of innovation, which brings intangible assets to the enterprise, and the intangible impact exceeds the tangible value

it will take time for the market of corrugated board extension products to mature.

as for the market maturity of corrugated board extension products, it also depends on the needs of the environment for such products, such as environmental protection requirements, production costs, packaging requirements, etc. Cartons, pallets, pallets; And so on. These outsourced products are ancillary products that serve commodities, and it is impossible for outsourced products to directly dominate the market. In addition, the equipment also needs to be improved. At present, there is no special supporting machine, and the transformed machine has a lot of shadow of traditional production, and the efficiency is not particularly high. When the whole corrugated extension product forms a scale and becomes a standard product, it will lead to the comprehensive transformation of equipment, the improvement of production process, and the pursuit of higher efficiency

as a carton factory, what we need to do now is to take the initiative to promote all potential customers and strengthen publicity. Let customers know that paper materials replace wood materials, steel and plastic materials, which can not only meet the requirements of transportation, but also have irresistible advantages in environmental protection, cost and space saving, so that potential customers can continue to accept corrugated cardboard extension products. And through these potential customers to actively promote their downstream turnover warehouses, import and export terminals, foreign traders to accept corrugated cardboard products. When corrugated cardboard extension products are understood and accepted by most people, the maturity of this product will come. But it will take time for this to happen


Xiamen Anfa Paper Co., Ltd. is a large packaging enterprise wholly owned by Taiwan businessmen. Founded in 1994, the company mainly produces all kinds of medium and high-grade corrugated cardboard and cartons. At the same time, it has expanded and developed corrugated cardboard corner protectors, paper trays and other corrugated cardboard extension products. In 1994, it applied for the patent of corrugated cardboard corner protectors. This product uses the scraps of cardboard to form the protective cover of furniture corners after professional processing and folding. In 1998, it was able to realize new functions that were impossible or difficult to achieve before. It was learned from the communication with customers that a customer had some problems when transporting goods for export because the environmental protection of plastic pallets could not meet the requirements of foreign imports. Referring to a large number of foreign materials, the company decided to use corrugated cardboard instead of plastic to make pallets. In 2003, it passed the national patent of mobile trailer/pallet

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