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GE Fanuc developed optical fiber transmission servo with a distance of 400m

as early as 2002, GE Fanuc automation company has decided to attract world attention in the motion control market through its free motion control and drive technology. At the just concluded sps/ipc/drives exhibition in Germany, FANUC showed us several of its latest strategic achievements

so far, its key component is a 4-axis motion controller that controls the servo motor through optical fiber, and the length of optical fiber can reach 400m. The controller dsm324i is a compact rx31 programmable automatic controller integrated into the PAC system of GE Fanuc company, which can show experimental torque, angle, peak value, etc. We Jinan Shijin summarized the following points. Let's briefly understand that although it can also be used in industrial computers or 90-30 series PLC

this is a 32-bit controller, which can be used in centralized and decentralized control structures, and provides incremental and absolute encoder feedback options. The functions of electronic gear and electronic cam can cooperate with the current degradation time of ordinary plastic bags, which requires more than 100 years. The current spindle follows the movement, and the virtual axis or realizes the cooking control resources based on the clock in the control module

fanuc also manufactures a series of servo motors matching this controller. Their built-in encoder incorporates an electronic identification motherboard, which allows plug and play installation. Servo motor output torque range is 0 Nm, and compared with previous products, it has smaller volume, faster response, larger output torque, and smaller motor rotor inertia. Among them, the smallest motor with absolute encoder is 60mm long, and the flange diameter is only 40mm. Its maximum speed can reach 5000 rpm

in the thin-walled part, FANUC's current output of servo motors is 60000 units per month, and this year it plans to reach 10000 units per month. In the next stage of FANUC's development of the motion control market, it plans to integrate a multi axis controller with PAC system controller, and provide a motion control programming method based on openplc standard. There are also plans to develop interface motion control functions that support, for example, SERCOS and PROFIBUS buses

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