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GE Fanuc intelligent platform released that PAC manufacturing enterprises can also grade bolt fasteners through specific product classifications. 8000 RTU controller

charlottesville, Va. on July 2, 2009, GE Fanuc intelligent platform, one of the business departments of Ge enterprise solutions, today announced its new PAC8000 RTU (remote terminal unit) controller, a solid field installation platform. Combined with 8000 process i/otm, it can provide flexible system design and high system availability. The PAC8000 RTU control system can utilize any ready-made HMI package, including Proficy hmi/SCADA iFIX and Cimplicity to activate and release the effective demand of downstream industries for new material products

pac8000 RTU controller is very suitable for all types of RTU applications, including oil and gas pipelines and wellhead. It is designed for applications in harsh environments, with operating temperatures ranging from -40 C to +70 C, and is resistant to 30g electric shock, 5g vibration and G3 corrosive environments. Obtaining timely and accurate mission critical information from fixed facilities such as oil and gas wells, pressurization stations, pipelines, fluid storage tanks, and practical measuring instruments can eliminate serious defects in oil and gas operations, thereby achieving higher productivity and long-term growth. The relatively low power consumption of PAC8000 RTU is more suitable for applications using solar energy

"with the improvement of business performance, compliance with environmental norms and overcoming the increasing pressure brought by rising energy prices, the oil and gas business must effectively monitor and control the whole process in local and remote areas," said Jim leatherby, product manager of GE Fanuc RTU, "The PAC8000 RTU solution enables oil and gas customers to easily monitor, diagnose and maintain effective assets even in the most dangerous situations."

pac8000 RTU controller engineering software makes full use of Microsoft Windows based object-oriented technology, graphical user interface and easy to learn software solutions to reduce engineering time. It implements the control strategy, manages all control activities, makes the i/o module provide strict control loop response, and quickly responds to the input data to give control output. It also adopts strict redundancy mode, Hart capability and fault tolerance, which will be implemented in February 2019 to manage the control of communication network and provide reliable operation

pac8000 RTU supports the industry standard DNP3 Ethernet communication protocol and fully supports five IEC automation languages. Any combination of ladder diagram (LD), sequential function diagram (SFC), function module diagram (FBD), structured text (st), instruction list (IL) and flow chart can be used to develop, download, simulate, debug, monitor and modify applications

redundant controllers can be used in key applications, in which redundant controllers operate in parallel and check the status repeatedly through the process cycle, so that the backup controller can continuously monitor the operation status of the main controller. It can ensure rapid and undisturbed transfer to the standby controller

in addition to controller redundancy, the PAC8000 RTU controller has two high-speed Ethernet ports to provide fault-tolerant communication. The RTU supports fault-tolerant communication with SCADA control room; However, if the event communication is lost, the RTU can continue to operate automatically or adopt a user-defined security state. If the RTU continues to operate, the data will be recorded and can be transmitted once the communication is restored. The control program is stored in permanent memory to avoid power loss. A new control program can be downloaded to the controller, while the existing program is still running. When the download is completed, the controller will automatically switch to a new program without interruption

pac8000 RTU is designed to operate in dangerous areas such as class I, Division 2 and zone 2, and can control the i/o module of the field line extending to the more dangerous areas such as class I, zone 1 and zone 0

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about GE Fanuc intelligent platform

GE Fanuc intelligent platform is a joint venture between General Electric Company (GE) of the United States and Fanuc of Japan, which provides high-tech supporting tests: hydrostatic strength test and melt activity rate technology. It provides users all over the world with hardware, software, technical services and embedded computers for automatic control. We provide users with a unique, flexible and ultra reliable technology base, which enables them to obtain sustainable advantages in energy, water, consumer goods, government and national defense, as well as communications and other industrial fields. GE Fanuc intelligent platform is a global enterprise headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. It is a business unit of Ge enterprise solutions. For more information, please visit GE Fanuc's Chinese website:

about GE enterprise solutions

ge enterprise solutions help customers improve productivity and revenue by providing integrated solutions, which cover sensors and nondestructive testing; Security and life safety technology; Power system protection and control; And factory automation and embedded computing system. The high-tech and high growth businesses of enterprise solutions include sensing and detection technology, security, digital energy and GE Fanuc intelligent platform. More than 17000 employees in more than 60 countries around the world solve various problems for customers

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