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The new software of GE Fanuc intelligent platform realizes the real-time access of the bottom layer of the factory to the organizations at all levels

charlottesville, Va. on September 17, 2009, the GE Fanuc intelligent platform in the business department of Ge enterprise solutions announced today the launch of Proficy Cimplicity GlobalView, a highly scalable application. The remote client realizes the factory floor control function of real-time monitoring and data analysis of Cimplicity through the web browser

"companies need to access real-time information about businesses at all levels of organizations," said Claire Cerrato, general manager of GE Fanuc intelligent platform in charge of automation software, "Companies are increasing their mobile office capabilities, which requires highly scalable and full-featured products to keep them connected. Cimplicity GlobalView realizes the panoramic view and control of plant operations, and extends the integration of Cimplicity with other GE fanucpolicy software to provide more possible solutions."

globalview provides a web-based full-featured hmi/scada client, so that operators, engineers and managers can view, react and operate anywhere. Research and establish new materials industry associations, industrial alliances and expert advisory committees, so as to achieve an efficient response to various situations and avoid celebrating the successful completion of the 2014 Symposium on the use of rubber and plastic technology in medical products! Avoid serious downtime, batch loss or catastrophic events. This has also changed the way teams work and cooperate. GlobalView enables multiple users to easily connect to the same system to analyze relevant situations and make decisions quickly based on facts. In addition, users do not need to reduce functions or modify existing applications to obtain accessibility. Its easy to install feature is a rapid value-added for both existing and new systems

globalview extends GE Fanuc's existing hmi/scada application to knowledge workers without having to stay in the factory all day. GlobalView also introduces Proficy first technology, relay server, which makes the deployed hmi/scada system possible to be used on a large scale. With the help of deploying GlobalView architecture and relay servers under multiple GlobalView servers, customers can truly realize global applications and support hundreds of concurrent users, and the server hardware is the only limit. The function of the new software opens the door to the innovative application based on Cimplicity, which only needs web. It can be connected to the early version of Cimplicity without any additional products

this product is developed on the basis of Cimplicity. It fully conforms to the open and layered strategy of GE Fanuc intelligent platform, so that network users can use the proven powerful functions of Cimplicity anytime and anywhere

"this product is a big step forward for a large number of users to obtain real-time data," Cerrato continued. "GlobalView, together with Cimplicity 8.0 launched in 2009, has realized GE Fanuc's commitment to providing innovative and scalable solutions to help meet customer needs, especially in this challenging economic environment, high-quality materials are used in equipment manufacturing."

about GE Fanuc intelligent platform

GE Fanuc intelligent platform is a joint venture between General Electric Company (GE) of the United States and Fanuc of Japan, which provides high-tech enterprises. It provides users all over the world with hardware, software, technical services and embedded computers for automatic control. We provide users with a unique, flexible and ultra reliable technology base, which enables them to obtain sustainable advantages in energy, water, consumer goods, government and national defense, as well as communications and other industrial fields. Rim will accelerate the capacity release of mtmarion lithium project. GE Fanuc intelligent platform is a global enterprise headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. It is a business unit of Ge enterprise solutions. For more information, please visit GE Fanuc's Chinese website:

about GE enterprise solutions

ge enterprise solutions help customers improve productivity and revenue by providing integrated solutions, which cover sensors and nondestructive testing; Security and life safety technology; Power system protection and control; And factory automation and embedded computing system. The high-tech and high growth businesses of enterprise solutions include sensing and detection technology, security, digital energy and GE Fanuc intelligent platform. More than 17000 employees in more than 60 countries around the world solve various problems for customers

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