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The embodiment of conceptual design in packaging design

conceptual design is a design mode formed by the influence of conceptual art in ideology in the process of art development. Some scholars also have different identities and opinions. With the development of people's ideology and science and technology, the design influenced by conceptual art is constantly cited in various fields, and its ideological driving force, The form and content have promoted research and application in various fields in an innovative and leading way, and have played a positive role

for the method of using conceptual art in design, the first thing is to solve its design purpose. Those individual and complex ways and processes can express the meaning and internal philosophy of conceptual art

there are cases of introducing conceptual design in urban planning, environmental art, finance, materials, engineering, education, lifestyle, etc. Conceptual art, which originated from the avant-garde movement in the 1960s, has developed to show its internal elements. One of them includes modern painting and sculpture, which structure the traditional structural elements of art. Every element of a work of art is equal. Original and cohesive. Secondly, the thought of "abstract school restoring art" leads to the deconstruction of the material type of art tradition. Visual elements have been challenged, and the importance of words has become increasingly prominent. Third, through a series of reflections throughout the 20th century, the information age of art began. Fourth, the impact on the layout, how to convey ideas. The work is integrated with the surrounding architectural environment and unified with publicity. Criticism of internal continuity and materiality

conceptual design if the fixture slips, release from the form. The importance of a work lies in its meaning. In different formulas, ha is shore a hardness Of people will understand the same work in different ways. A work can have hundreds of different forms. Nominally, all art depends on the structure and traditional rules built first

put forward the form of conceptual design in the form of art, and summarized the conditions required by the design, which can also be called the principle of conceptual design, because it is necessary to follow certain principles in design, either traditional, modern, post-modern, or composition, or strict form, or novel and unique, or three-dimensional and vivid, or full of motion. These design principles and forms have created a diverse and ever-changing visual image world

concept design method is introduced into packaging design

we should treat concept packaging design as a kind of packaging that is the richest, most profound, most avant-garde and most representative of scientific and Technological Development and design level. The richness of concept packaging is reflected in its functions, storage and transportation, display, sales, structure, materials, technology, decoration, etc., which are all aspects of concept packaging design that can be studied, tested and expressed; He needs to excavate the current situation extensively and deeply on the relevant contents involved, and according to the required target theme, design according to the evidence, refine the concept theme, and carry out in-depth development, so as to make the design have considerable depth, show today's most cutting-edge design ideas and design level, and also need to conform to the level of scientific and technological development. The relevant technical topics brought by design can promote the common development of relevant industries

the value of conceptual packaging design lies in the ability to grasp and operate the developing and cutting-edge market, guide consumption, appreciation, and change the way of use and life. The significance of sociality has become the biggest topic and shows the designer's

from the perspective of conceptual design, we can see that the theoretical structure of conceptual packaging design is to show scientific and technological strength and convey the latest design concepts, and it is the most artistic and attractive. It represents that the fault isolation method does not need the same type of equipment or spare parts. It compares the cutting-edge of packaging design and dominates the development trend of packaging design. Conceptual packaging design is both artistic and scientific, which are reflected in different levels of design. Together, it forms the whole of conceptual packaging design

the relationship between conceptual packaging and packaging design

conceptual packaging is a design discipline based on innovation, based on experiments, and oriented to future needs. Therefore, whether in theory or in practice, we should treat conceptual packaging design as a design form: in the current society, the research of design theory is not only an in-depth analysis of a discipline, but also an overview of the intersection of multiple disciplines. Treating conceptual packaging design activities as a design system is not only a simple and novel design form that can meet the needs of design patterns that can stimulate the senses, but also the connotation of the concept that modern designers must master when carrying out conceptual design

conceptual design is the need of social development, scientific and technological progress and improving life. Can we say that conceptual design includes all the design and the design rules that must be followed to meet the needs? All aspects of conceptual design, whether the design concept formed can cover all aspects of design. Generally speaking, conceptual design consists of many art forms and design elements. It is based on different levels of design concepts of application design, so that a component of the whole design can be divided into three aspects

first, the efficacy of conceptual packaging design, which is the technical basis of packaging design, mainly refers to the material carrier containing design elements. It strives to meet new needs on the basis of its basic functionality and variability. For example, the functions that various packaging designs should have - the ability to carry goods, protect goods, store and transport goods, and sell goods, as well as the place of use and consumer behavior in the use of packaged products, are all involved in conceptual packaging, and this level can form an independent design and research system

second, the visual aspect of conceptual packaging design, which is the morphological expression of conceptual packaging design and the visual materialization of the basis of conceptual packaging design. It shows strong timeliness and continuity: it mainly includes a coordinated design system with commodity brands, display commodities, image decoration, commodity advertising content, as well as the relationship between various elements, following social market norms, laws and regulations, consumer groups, judging market consumption needs, standardizing design and correcting design direction, which is in a wide range of main positions. Here, conceptual design explores their development process, dynamics and trends, and seeks new breakthroughs in limited space

third, the leading exploration of concept packaging. It is a state of development, so it can also be regarded as the outpouring of creative consciousness. It is in the forefront and leading position, and it is a breakthrough in all activities based on the elements of the design system. The development of science and technology, the improvement of productivity and the progress of ideology have brought about the demand for packaging design innovation, which is mainly reflected in the new understanding of production and life concepts, values, thinking concepts, aesthetic concepts, moral and ethical concepts, national psychological concepts and so on. It is the most cutting-edge part of the design structure, and it is also the driving force of design. It lies in the depths of people's hearts and yearns for development and change, and will eventually be expressed directly or indirectly on the application layer. From this, we can draw the development and law of concept packaging, absorb and transform the future of social development, and lead the development trend of design

the three aspects of packaging design structure are related to each other, forming a packaging design system and constituting the whole of packaging design. The physicochemical layer of packaging design is the most stable factor, which supports the existence of packaging, just like building foundation and space. For example, with the reform and innovation of packaging materials and packaging technology, advanced science and technology are applied to the basic level of packaging, affecting the application level of design. At the same time, the change and development of packaging design is always reflected in it first. The application layer is the most authoritative factor in the market, and it is playing an essential role. In the market, product packaging has been updated and emerging one after another. It stipulates the overall nature of packaging design, which is not only an important link in the design relationship, but also a guarantee for the scientific and effective implementation of packaging design. This level is composed of a set of internal criteria system, which has become the criterion for packaging designers to engage in design activities. Different design concepts will bring different behavior patterns and social results. Recognizing the new requirements imposed by the new environment and mastering new ideas, new concepts and new means that meet such new requirements are the new height of the senior design concept. The first two of the three are interdependent and closely integrated, and are reflected in every specific packaging design activity and design work. The third level constantly provides the first two levels with spiritual and material concepts, explores the development space for them, and leads the future of packaging design

conceptual packaging design also needs to take design as the purpose and put forward the conceptual design principles of reference value:

first, the scientific principle. Treat conceptual design with a scientific attitude. Design is not a new image with its own appearance, nor is it a surprise seeking monster that attracts attention. It reflects the results of practical research, which are obtained through systematic investigation, analysis, summary, experiment, etc., and reflects the level of social development, people's Ideology and lifestyle, the level of scientific research, the reflection and new understanding of tradition, and the recognition and utilization of traditional materials, The research and development of new materials and new processes are inseparable from a scientific attitude

second, the principle of originality. Since it is a conceptual design, we should follow the distinctive original principles, have special opinions and personality, and make the design ★ 8) static accuracy of the sensor: only when the load is limited, will it be dynamic and competitive, will it have the spirit of discussion and research significance, will it be able to get a new scheme, will it be different from similar designs, will not produce similarities, and will it have real significance and show the progress of creation

third, conceptual design is a creation based on the needs of future development. The design is purposeful. The design should solve the practical problems of decoration and beautification, put forward the direction of production and research in the future, solve a series of projects such as the form of art, romantic imagination, the use of materials, the rationality of structure, the improvement of process performance, the rigor of design and the rational principles of interconnection, and a series of creations, This is the need and necessity of design

concept expression of packaging design

theme is the original point first proposed by conceptual design. Around the theme of conceptual design, put forward design schemes, highlight the connotation of the theme, and express the form of the theme

the theme of conceptual packaging design is to break through the previous design concepts, put forward new design ideas, and make unexpected and reasonable design schemes. The proposal of concepts will dominate the development direction of design, which is the core of design. The selection of concepts is investigated and analyzed to determine the scheme. The concept theme can try to trigger creative thinking in terms of space-time concept, performance concept, form concept, abstract concept, festival concept, ecological concept, etc., so that the design goal has depth and breadth, especially in line with the needs of cultural connotation, art form and technical means

the concepts of time and space include: history, traditional culture, regional culture, people of the times, the universe, stars, seasons and time

performance concept: material concept, structure concept, protection concept, storage and transportation concept, use mode concept, etc

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