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Design of emergency plan for foreign printing enterprises

fire, flood, leakage or other emergencies will not only greatly harm the staff in the printing plant, but also damage the printing equipment, making the printing enterprises bear a high cost of life, business opportunities and property

planning is the key to good operation and management of printing enterprises. Lack of planning will lead to over production and missed opportunities, while poor planning means enterprise profits and losses. 3. The connecting part of piston rod and swing rod is not flexible: the result of adjusting the connecting part of the two is quite different. Therefore, planning is very important for enterprises to deal with emergencies

the mechanism for planning and responding to emergencies is the emergency plan. This action plan describes the nature of the explosion in the printing plant, the actual layout of all equipment, the exit of the building, and the measures taken during and after the incident. Its main goal is to reduce the damage to equipment and personnel in the factory and surrounding communities

the emergency plan does not need a very complex document. It should be determined according to the scale and conditions of the printing factory itself, and should be revised frequently, so as to ensure that if the machine location, emergency equipment and the import and export of various parts of the building change, the plan can also be updated in time

the planning should also make sufficient preparations in personnel, equipment and materials to curb the occurrence of emergencies, and train personnel. In general, the pressure testing machine that adopts the most direct digital control has attracted much attention because of its high performance and low cost, so as to greatly reduce any negative impact of the event on the factory and community

the environmental protection committee may require such planning to comply with the law and not violate any regulation related to the cleaning of air and water quality or the collection and storage of hazardous waste. Local management departments, such as the fire department, require the emergency plan to include some basic elements to ensure a safe working environment for workers, and emergency response personnel will also be responsible in case of fire, explosion or spillage. If conditions permit, the emergency plan of the printing factory must meet the relevant legal requirements

the main components of the emergency plan should be determined according to the size of the plant. The larger and more comprehensive the factory is, the more detailed the plan must be. The main parts of the plan include the following points

1. Layout of all machinery and equipment, exits, emergency equipment and materials in the factory

2. Special contact personnel at the time of the incident and afterwards

3. Inventory list and material safety data sheet of all materials in the factory

4. Personnel arrangement in response to emergencies. Who operates the emergency equipment that organizes and controls the occurrence of events? Who will arrange the contact with the community emergency response department? What should personnel and management do when the machine sends an alarm? Who will command the personnel to withdraw from the building, and who is responsible for the evacuated crowd

5. All emergency response equipment and materials shall be listed in detail in terms of their types and storage locations. It mainly includes fire extinguishers and automatic sprinkler systems

6. The plan shall comply with laws and regulations, including the incident contact person, accident report and necessary follow-up reports, and shall not violate relevant regulations

7. Plan training affairs and train employees how to calmly respond to emergencies or drills of emergencies

the details and fields of the plan should be consistent with the layout of materials, processes and equipment used in the factory. Small printing plants can use oneortwo pages of paper to measure the wear, and the error increases to complete this plan

fire drill is also very necessary. As long as it takes a small part of time, it is more cost-effective to check and correct the deficiencies of the plan in the simulation exercise than to act when the event has occurred and threatened the safety of property and life. (end)

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