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Teledyne e2v emerald 67m ultra-high resolution image sensor goes on sale

emerald 67m sensor uses towerjazz's excellent 2.5 m global shutter pixel technology, which can double the resolution under the same optical size

Grenoble, France and migdale emmec, Israel, June 12, 2019 -- as a company under Teledyne technologies [nyse: tdy] and a global innovator of imaging solutions, Teledyne e2v and towerjazz [nasdaq: tsem], a leading chip foundry, jointly announced that the emerald 67m image sensor designed by Teledyne e2v for ultra-high resolution electronic detection, high-end monitoring and microscopy technology is now on the market

as a new member of the emerald series of Teledyne e2v, the sensor adopts the brand-new technology of towerjazz company, and the transformer is replaced or rewound; The 65nm process developed is manufactured by Yujin, Japan. It is the world's smallest 2.5 m low-noise global shutter pixel technology,. Small size and extremely low noise (single electron) pixels, combined with unique light tube technology, excellent deflection response, shutter efficiency of more than 80dB. This unique pixel structure provides cutting-edge performance. Through the detection of small size, this procedure is applicable to graphene batteries to achieve the defect of rapid charging at room temperature and improve manufacturing output

emerald series sensors are completely manufactured by towerjazz, providing customers with unprecedented function display and adapting to high-speed interface systems, including 10gige, coaxpress, camera link and camera link HS. Proprietary features include HDR mode with a dynamic range of up to 120dB and a unique region of interest (ROI) mode, which allows multiple ROIs to be captured under different exposure conditions, thereby further improving the dynamic range of the image

emerald 67m is square with 8K resolution on each side, providing 95% image area utilization for the manufacture of the next generation (i.e. 10.5 generation) of displays. Ultra high resolution can optimize the movement of the visual system in large-scale product inspection, reduce the complexity of the system and eliminate instability. Two different speeds are available (super high speed 60fps and high speed 30fps)

Rafael Romay, vice president of professional imaging of Teledyne e2v, said: Emerald 67m is the first such sensor, which has attracted much attention in detection applications because of its ultra-high resolution and high-speed output. It also combines the intelligent functions of other emerald sensors, making it easier to be applied in vision systems. Towerjazz's revolutionary technological innovation and support enable us to bring this first-class solution to market and customize it according to product and application needs

Dr. avi strum, senior vice president and general manager of the sensor business department of towerjazz, said: the design and supply chain of Teledyne e2v is equipped with the most advanced 65nm process of towerjazz, which once again brings disruptive sensors to machine vision applications. We are honored to develop this product with Teledyne e2v and look forward to further cooperation with Teledyne e2v to better serve the machine vision market

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