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Technical measures for emergency safety of mine power failure and air stoppage

this measure is prepared for approval to strengthen the emergency treatment of mine power failure and air stoppage due to accident or the mine is in a single circuit power supply state, facilitate the dispatching and evacuation of personnel during the power failure and air stoppage of the whole mine, and clarify the underground power transmission program after the main fan ventilation is restored, so as to ensure the safety of mine ventilation

the transmission efficiency is greatly improved. 1. General management regulations

1. The transportation guarantee team must strengthen the inspection and maintenance of permanent fans to ensure that one set is in normal operation, one set is in good condition for standby, and the standby fan starts within 10min. If single machine operation is required due to maintenance, the operation guarantee team must conduct a comprehensive inspection of the main fan and its auxiliary facilities planned for single machine operation before the maintenance of the main fan planned for maintenance, so that the main fan can operate safely in good condition. At the same time, the operation guarantee team should organize the maintenance process to shorten the running time of single machine as much as possible

2. The explosion-proof door should be kept closed by the negative pressure of the main ventilator, and the counterweight should be installed and adjusted so that the explosion-proof door can be easily opened (if the main ventilator cannot be started within 10 minutes due to the long power failure time, the transportation team must open the explosion-proof cover and relevant dampers in time)

3. The ventilation team shall set up gas inspectors according to the requirements of the regulations, and full-time tile inspectors must be installed at the coal mining face and the rock roadway head with large gas emission

4. The mine safety monitoring system must be sensitive and reliable, the monitoring substation, sensors and power-off devices meet the specified requirements, and the working hours of the central station, substation and dispatching standby power supply meet the requirements

5. The power supply team should strengthen the duty of 110kV substation and all substations above and below the well, and deal with problems in a timely manner

II. Safety technical measures for the management of power failure and air shutoff

1. Once the power failure and air shutoff of the whole mine occur, the power supply team should immediately report to the mine dispatching, immediately identify the causes, and restore the power supply as soon as possible

2. After receiving the report of power failure and air stoppage of the whole mine, the dispatcher shall immediately report to the mine on duty leader, and report to the chief engineer, deputy mine manager of Electromechanical, deputy chief engineer of ventilation, deputy chief engineer of electromechanical and other relevant leaders. The relevant leaders of the mine should immediately rush to the dispatching station to command the handling of the power failure and wind stoppage accident

3. In case of power cut-off in the mine, it is necessary to immediately notify the personnel at relevant places underground to evacuate

① in the coal mining face, the gas surveyor and the shift leader of the coal mining team are responsible for withdrawing the personnel to the air inlet of the transportation trough

② in the heading face, the gas surveyor, the heading team leader and the team leader are responsible for withdrawing the personnel from the head to the full air pressure ventilation inlet, and setting a temporary fence in the first intersection of the return air flow in the heading face

③ the evacuation of other places shall be arranged by the dispatching commander according to the actual needs

④ if the total amount involved in the case reaches US $3.3 billion, the solution to the pointer instability of the hydraulic pointer tension machine is long, and the personnel are evacuated to the main air inlet roadway of the mine under the unified arrangement of the mine dispatcher

4. When the air stop of the whole mine exceeds 10 minutes or the air stop time is too long, causing underground gas accumulation, it should be arranged to open the explosion-proof door of the central air shaft in time and make full use of the natural air pressure for ventilation

5. When the main ventilator stops blowing, the ground nitrogen injection pump stops injecting nitrogen; The underground pumping station must stop pumping and gas drainage to prevent the accumulation and over limit of gas at the mine mouth

III. technical measures for restoring ventilation safety

1. In order to restore power supply to the mine, it is necessary to strictly implement the provisions of sending power to the ground main fan first. After the main fan on the ground is opened and the normal ventilation of the full air pressure of the mine is restored, power can be transmitted to the underground central substation and the mining area substation

2. When the substation in the mining area sends power to the inside of the mining area, it should first send special power to the local fan according to the dispatching command. It is strictly forbidden to switch on and send power to the local fan at the same time

3. The heading face determines whether to turn on the local fan according to the gas size measured by the gas surveyor and the gas concentration displayed by the safety monitoring sensor. The local fan driver is strictly prohibited to turn on the local fan without permission or after the gas concentration exceeds the specified value, blow the local fan with a blast

4. When the gas surveyor checks the gas in the single head roadway, two people must check at a distance of 5 meters from front to back together. How far is the check and how far is the advance

5. For the tunnel with series ventilation, the local fan ventilation of the tunnel with series source must be restored first, and then the ventilation of the local fan of the tunnel with series ventilation can be restored

6. Only after the ventilation in the mining area returns to normal and the local fan of the heading face is opened, the electrician of the mining area substation can restore power to the mining area

7. The power supply team should specially prepare the safety technical measures for power transmission from the substation in the mining area to the mining area, and clarify the power transmission procedures

8. After the normal ventilation of each excavation head is restored, the electrical equipment in the single head tunnel must be checked by the electrician. After it is confirmed to be in good condition, the power supply of the electrical equipment in the tunnel supplied by the local ventilator can be restored manually

9. After the permanent fan operates normally, the working face that needs to discharge gas can carry out gas drainage. Only after the gas drainage is completed and the ventilation system is normal, can the underground production be resumed

10. When the gas concentration in the heading face is 3%, the gas emission measures shall be prepared and approved separately

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