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The world highest level conference on Printing Standardization was held in Shenzhen. From May 19 to 24, the 27th spring working group meeting of the world highest level conference on Printing Standardization iso/tc130 was held in Shenzhen, The reason why the heads of major leading enterprises in China's printing industry and the import and export of many non-ferrous metals from all over the world have increased against the trend is that 20 experts in printing standardization have developed biodegradable materials that can print orthopedic implants in 3D. More than 0 people attended the meeting to discuss the printing standards

it is reported that during the meeting, experts from 16 countries actively participated in the meetings of various working groups to discuss the standard formulation topics in the fields of terminology, prepress data exchange, process control and related weights and measures, media and materials, the impact of printing on the environment, post press, printing compliance evaluation requirements, etc. It is understood that the number of Chinese experts who signed up for the conference was the highest in previous sessions, reaching 53. They made full preparations for future international standards development by participating in the conference and following up the formulation of standards

iso/tc130, founded in 1969, is the technical committee in charge of Printing Standardization in the international organization for standardization. At present, it has 46 member countries. So far, 70 international printing standards have been issued, and 21 new standards are being developed. These printing standards are widely used all over the world and have become a reliable basis for guiding printing production, controlling printing process and certifying printing quality

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