EMC test of the hottest Valin Hanma power vehicle

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Valin Hamma power vehicle EMC test passed the EU certification

Valin Hamma power vehicle EMC test passed the EU certification

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Guide: Recently, two representative Hamma power vehicles (6x4 traction, 6x4 dump) of Valin company passed the vehicle EMC test in Shanghai Testing Center in strict accordance with European standards (ece-r10) with their superior product performance. The test was carried out by the personnel appointed by the authoritative German certification company

recently, two representative Hanma power models of Valin company (6x4 traction, 6x4 dump, better ductility and toughness than standard molecular weight peek products) passed the EMC test of the whole vehicle in strict accordance with European standard (ece-r10) by virtue of their superior product performance in Shanghai Testing Center. The test was witnessed by the personnel appointed by the authoritative German certification company

this test sample car matches the Hanma power Euro 4 engine and transmission independently developed by Valin company for heavy-duty load box. The front, middle and rear axles also use the cast steel bridge produced by Valin company. The frame adopts the advanced trapezoidal load-bearing frame with variable cross-section side beam produced by the company. The cab is the Valin star Kema cab of the company (the cab passes the collision test according to the requirements of European standard ece-r29). The key core components of the whole car are independently developed by Valin company

otherwise, not only the experiment will not be very ideal electromagnetic compatibility EMC (electric magnetic compatibility) refers to the ability of equipment or system to operate in accordance with the requirements in its electromagnetic environment and not produce unbearable electromagnetic interference to any equipment in its environment. Therefore, EMC includes two requirements: on the one hand, it means that the electromagnetic interference generated by the equipment to the environment during normal operation cannot exceed a certain limit; On the other hand, it means that the appliance has a certain degree of immunity to electromagnetic interference in the environment, that is, electromagnetic sensitivity. The purpose of EMC test of electromagnetic compatibility is to ensure that electrical components or devices can work normally in the electromagnetic environment, and to study the mechanism and preventive measures of the harm of electromagnetic waves to social production activities and human health. The EMC test of Valin Hanma power vehicle also verifies its anti-interference in the electromagnetic interference environment and the electromagnetic radiation caused by the vehicle itself to social production activities and human health is lower than the standard, which meets the requirements of environmental protection

this experiment passed at one time, and the test results surprised the engineers of the testing center and TUV, because up to now, there are media rumors that the 3-star 1 has changed the plastic style of the past. So far, few domestic automobile brands have dared to do this test. Even if this test is done, no heavy-duty vehicle can pass the test at one time, because EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) test is the most challenging of all vehicle experiments, What's more, xingkaima automobile has installed far more electronic equipment than other brands of automobiles, which further verifies the superior product performance of Valin automobile equipped with Hanma power. The adoption of EMC, a four power model of xingkaima Hanma ou, makes Valin take the lead in the domestic heavy truck industry in terms of vehicle technical reserves under the domestic market environment of gradually switching to Euro 4

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