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Industrial textiles: embarrassment and confusion behind "excitement"

industrial textiles have become a new growth pole for China's textile industry to transform from a big country to a powerful country. They are an important part of a strategic emerging industry that spans textiles and new materials, and provide an indispensable new material industry for aerospace, new energy, environmental protection, health care and other fields. It is also so many "halos" that industrial textiles have become the most important industry under the spotlight of the industry. However, in addition to "excitement", there are still some feelings and confusion about its development, and I feel the arduous task shouldered by the association

from the perspective of global textile development trends, there are WDS ⑴ 00 digital display liquid crystal electronic tensile testing machine (portal), WDS P50 liquid crystal display electronic tensile testing machine (portal), WDS ⑴ 0/20/30 liquid crystal display electronic tensile testing machine (double arm portal structure), wds-02/05 liquid crystal display electronic tensile testing machine (single arm), rubber film tensile testing machine WDS ⑴/2/3/5 LCD electronic tensile testing machine (with large deformation) and other models are transferred to developing countries. At the same time, developed countries take the development of industrial textiles as an important way to optimize the structure of textile industry and maintain and enhance the competitiveness of industrial Xinda in addition to the research and production of biomaterials. Its development level has become an important symbol to measure the core competitiveness and scientific and technological level of national textile industry

although China's industrial textiles industry started late, in recent years, thanks to the broad market space and the development of fiber materials and related industries, it has developed a wide range of new products with wide applications. Especially when the traditional textile and clothing industry is facing the constraints of resources, environment, labor and other factors, as well as the fierce competition from other developing countries with lower factor cost advantages, exploring new application fields and developing industrial textiles has become one of the important ways for the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry, and also one of the important measures for China's textile industry to realize the transformation from comparative advantage to competitive advantage, It plays an important role in driving the upstream and downstream related industries and promoting the development of the national economy

with the recent global certification of the Construction Research Institute (BRE), a world textile power, proving this point, the development of industrial textiles has been continuously increased, and China's industrial textiles have also attracted more and more attention. Both government departments, enterprises and scientific research institutes have high hopes for the future blueprint of industrial textiles. For the first time, government departments have led the formulation of the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of industrial textiles industry, and supported the corresponding industrial development incentive policies. It should be said that the industrial textile industry has ushered in unprecedented opportunities

however, compared with developed countries, China's industrial textiles industry still has a large gap in industrial concentration, product grade, innovation ability, development of special raw materials, preparation technology and so on. The development and production of many high-performance and high-quality products still depend on the technology transfer of developed countries to a large extent. The independent innovation and development capacity of the industry can not fully meet the needs of economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, and it is even more difficult to cope with international competition. It is the lack and gap of the industry in market control ability and industrial chain supporting ability that restricts the development pace of the industry to a considerable extent

first, it is difficult to lack the brand. As the intermediate material of terminal products, industrial textiles must meet the structural characteristics, performance requirements and cost constraints of the final products. Enterprise management is often subject to the market behavior of supporting products. In particular, affected by practical problems such as industrial barriers, technical barriers and market access barriers, many products are difficult to form independent brands, difficult to open domestic and foreign markets, and can only be OEM for terminal brands. As a result, most enterprises are still at the low end of the value chain, which is contrary to the high value-added characteristics of technical textiles. Take nonwovens for medical and health use for example. Diapers have "pampers", sanitary napkins have "hushubao", wet napkins have "Johnson & Johnson", and Chuangke stickers have "Bondi". These are popular well-known brands, but who of our manufacturers who provide high-quality nonwovens for them is known by the society, and even the enterprise itself has not considered brand creation

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