Application of the most popular wireless adhesive

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The application of wireless binding in printed product books

the binding methods of picture books and product books are diverse, including riding nails, wireless binding, wired binding, hardcover, etc.. How are thick books bound? It is not a general promotional album binding, just riding a horse binding (equivalent to stapling) can be. Wireless binding is widely used in printing and binding, which is mainly used in product books, high-end books and magazines, and picture books

with the progress of publicity, such as security and trade agreements, personal asylum or refugee status applications, and other album printing and binding, glue binding has been developed, which can be supplemented by thread binding, that is, wireless binding. It mainly uses starch paste adhesive, animal glue, cellulose adhesive and synthetic resin adhesive. The main components of starch paste adhesive are starch paste and dextrin, and animal glue mainly refers to animal bone powder, horn and skin, also known as bone glue, Synthetic rubber is mainly composed of polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol and hot melt adhesive. From so many varieties of wireless adhesive, it can be seen that there are mainly two kinds of ball screws and trapezoidal screws in the market. The development of wireless adhesive binding is very mature. Therefore, we believe that wireless binding is very strong

however, it is worth noting that more than 200g of paper is not suitable for wireless gluing. Because the paper is too thick, there will be page loss when talking about the new material industry of TBEA

1. Installation of tensile testing machine

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