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Application of video direct reading remote water meter in water industry

a video direct reading remote meter reading charging system is more accurate and reliable than human eye meter checking. Its price has been reduced to much cheaper than the water card watch, which is generally acceptable. It has been listed in the standards of the Ministry of construction

On November, 2003, sponsored by the science and technology promotion center of the Ministry of construction and China Urban Water Supply Association, and co organized by Beijing Waterworks Group, a seminar and promotion meeting on "dripping water meter" and "camera direct reading remote charging system" was held. The meeting was full, listening to experts' comments on the status quo of the three tables, At the meeting, the replaceable tooling under the camera was highlighted (among them, the length of the torsion bar is 700mm, which is advanced and practical for direct reading remote transmission.

China is a country with serious water shortage. On the one hand, it is necessary to save water, on the other hand, it is necessary to implement one meter per household, meter reading to households, and trade settlement to households. A large number of experiments made by the State Council on September 1, 2003 showed that water supply, electricity, gas, and heat units should read meters to users. Due to the implementation of one meter per household, all provinces and cities have increased the amount of meter installation. At the same time, meter reading to households is very stressful It's powerful. It's already difficult to charge for meter reading. As far as Beijing is concerned, there are 400 meter reading workers, some of whom copy once a few months or report their own water volume. Beijing Evening News said on December 13, 2003: Beijing has 4 people and 1.3 million water meters in 15 days. Who will help collect water charges? This shows that the old method of household meter reading is not in line with the current needs. Due to the improvement of the quality of life, privacy and security have been put on the agenda, which must be solved with high technology. Fortunately, a week later, the evening news on the 20th reported that Beijing had fully launched the project of checking water meters without entering households, and proposed that water meters should not be checked into households in the future! Residents are happy to use the remote transmission system. The average installation cost of each watch is 300 yuan, while the card watch is more expensive, up to about 400 yuan

at present, Beijing water group company has decided to use a large number of remote meters. In the past, tens of thousands of meters were used in urban and suburban areas. In Xuanwu District, the water company plans to install 2100 meters for residents for free, but later only 500 meters were installed, and now only about 100 meters are left to operate. 400 units have been removed from operation due to poor quality, difficult battery replacement and management. However, the Waterworks Group has affirmed that vigorously promoting scientific and technological means will be the direction of Beijing's water tariff collection in the future. This sends a signal to equipment manufacturers that whoever has excellent and accurate remote transmission products will undoubtedly win this new market

I think things are relative, and only comparison can identify the advantages and disadvantages. Catching up is a competition, which is inevitable. After the actual test of pulse remote transmission and card meter, the back waves of the Yangtze River push the front waves, and new things meet the difficulties, resulting in a direct reading remote transmission system. The direct reading system is divided into code disk direct reading system and camera direct reading system. Since the advent of code disk direct reading in 1992, it has been continuously studied and improved, It is being tested by the market. In terms of structure, it is an E-type water meter (zigzag wheel type), and a dry-type water meter, which is magnetic transmission. Its disadvantage is that the magnetic block has to be demagnetized for a long time in the water, which may lose rotation, and the water meter itself may be inaccurate. Its advantages: compared with the previous pulse type remote transmission, because the pulse remote transmission has a collection concentrator, and the concentrator must always be powered on, and there is a backup power supply after power failure. If the battery is aging and the work is unstable, resulting in a single board computer crash, etc., and the water meter still goes, the result is a loss of data, vibration, false transmission, and more counts of pulses. Because after reading directly with the code disk, there are ten character identification codes of 0-9 on the side of each word wheel. When the word wheel rotates, the photoelectric detection code is used to send signals. It is powered on only when reading the meter. It is not powered on at ordinary times, which is superior to the pulse type, and there is no accumulated error; The disadvantage is that when checking the code, there is a bit error rate in the transmission, especially when the word wheel carry is incomplete, several code disk carry "is easy to make mistakes when passing through the online to offline enabling half. Once there is an error or the transmission signal is wrong, the property management or the water department charge office cannot know. Although the direct reading is actually reading the remote transmission, right and wrong can not be known, so we have to enter the household" check the meter "for a period of time to know the accuracy of meter reading, This method is the same as pulse remote transmission. If you want to know whether it is accurate or not, you must check it at home. In short, we still have to enter the house to disturb the residents, but it's a little less. Usually, we can only guess, and hope it's an accurate assumption. If it's wrong, there's nothing we can do, and we can't correct it if we don't enter the house. For this reason, people are seeking to be more reliable. They can tell the number of water meters without going into the house to check the meter. That is, they can do it with the modern ultra small digital camera technology. The camera is just like the top mounted ultra small camera sold in the market, with a volume of only 12 × twelve × 12mm, each water meter is equipped with a pinhole camera, which is really as authentic as checking the meter with human eyes! At ordinary times, there is no electricity. When it is necessary to read the meter, it is instantly powered on for about 0.5 seconds. The camera has its own light-emitting diode light source, and it can take pictures in black and white days. The camera direct reading type has many advantages. It is usually powered off, and its service life is more than 15 years. Any meter can be used. There is no change in the meter, and it can be dry or wet. The camera is a picture, about four inches in size on the computer screen. The five digit number is very clear, which is as true as looking at a watch. In fact, it is clearer than looking at a watch directly. It can also retain four kinds of information at a glance. The bottom of the picture is marked with the time: month, day, hour, minute and second. The upper end of the meter is the user's address, house number or the name of the householder and the water meter code (unique number). These four information are recorded immediately after shooting and stored in the terminal or special image storage handheld meter reader. After reading the meter by hand without connection, return to the terminal and input it into the computer for standby. The actual number of the picture is automatically translated into numbers by the picture software and stored in the computer database, and then the charge can be arranged and printed. Image has four information and has legal effect. When a user has a charge dispute, call out the image of a month as evidence, take the image as the criterion, and set up translation browsing monitoring. If there is an individual error, take the image as the criterion, and you can correct it accurately without entering the home to "check the table". When the meter reading has been manually browsed by more than 3000 households per hour, it is the authentic data, which is the birth of the long-awaited 100% accurate meter reading system. Because it is clear at a glance, users and managers are satisfied. Because the current pulse meter and card meter problem has not been solved, the camera direct reading remote transmission is undoubtedly the best choice for vortex flowmeter. Therefore, it is very timely to hold a seminar and promotion meeting in Beijing on November, 2003, sponsored by the science and technology promotion center of the Ministry of construction and China urban water supply association and co sponsored by Beijing Waterworks Corporation. The samples on display were eye opening and were highly praised by the participants. But is such a good thing expensive? Can you afford it? This is what everyone wants

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