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The external insulation system of exterior wall with XPS coating in Islamabad fails to pass the sampling inspection

in recent years, building energy conservation projects have been promoted everywhere, but the quality of building energy conservation projects is mixed

it was learned from the on-site meeting on the quality of building energy conservation projects in Shanghai recently held in Bilin Bay residential community, Minhang District that the promotion of building energy conservation in the city has achieved preliminary results, but the problems are still relatively prominent, in which the quality of energy-saving materials is uneven and low-cost competition occurs from time to time. According to the supervision and spot check results of 112 groups of Engineering energy-saving materials conducted by Shanghai Construction Engineering Safety and quality supervision station, the sampling unqualified rate is 19.6%. To this end, Shanghai plans to establish a clearing mechanism to control energy-saving materials from the source

building energy conservation project is a popular project that benefits the contemporary and contributes to the future. In order to ensure that the new civil buildings meet the design standard of 50% energy saving, the control of energy-saving materials is very important. The city's special inspection on the quality of building energy-saving projects carried out by the municipal safety and quality supervision station found that at present, the phenomenon of building energy-saving materials is relatively prominent, the quality of energy-saving products in the market is uneven, the business behavior is not standardized, and the phenomenon of low price competition is common, which has brought potential harm to the city's building energy-saving materials market. The results of spot check showed that the materials provided by some energy-saving material suppliers were seriously unqualified. For example, in the phase II project of Shanghai AIFA Aolang new manor, Wuxi Islamabad coating Co., Ltd. provided an unrecorded XPS external wall external insulation system, in which the adhesive and plaster mortar were unqualified through supervision and sampling inspection

in view of the current building energy-saving materials, we should pay attention to avoiding the phenomenon of tilting, good and evil, and Shanghai safety and quality supervision station will strengthen law enforcement and supervision and effectively improve the quality of energy-saving materials. It is understood that in the next step, the city will strengthen the filing management of building energy-saving materials system and establish a clearing mechanism. For the production enterprises whose quality inspection of building energy-saving materials is not in some fields with a strong sense of social responsibility, the municipal safety and quality supervision station will regularly publish the list and clear them out of the list of qualified suppliers; You can choose the functions of real-time display, amplification, comparison, traversal of experimental curves such as load time, load displacement, displacement time, deformation time, and monitoring of the experimental process. For enterprises of building energy-saving materials that do not meet the requirements and have been filed, they should be cleared out of the market, and strictly filed, reviewed and managed to prevent unqualified energy-saving materials from entering the building energy-saving market, From the source, we should strengthen the quality control of materials, which is a public welfare illegal organization with the effective combination of government, industry, University, research and application, so as to ensure that building energy-saving projects are truly energy-saving and environmental friendly, and benefit the society and the people

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