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Application of dry off-line cleaning device in high-speed cultural paper machine

release date: Source: Kaden kadant

m-clean dry cleaning and coating back roll cleaning equipment of Kaden company has long been famous in the paper industry, and its effect has been verified by hundreds of industrial paper users in China for more than a decade

for cultural paper using imported pulp board as raw material, the drying department is not as serious as the garbage and stickies of industrial paper using waste paper as raw material, so it does not need to be cleaned at all times, but these users have more strict control over the quality of paper products. Kaideng offline cleaning device can realize intermittent cleaning during shutdown, which not only relieves you of dry pollution, but also greatly reduces the workload of workers

recently, kaiden company has successfully installed and used the offline cleaning device of single-chip 24 bit ultra-low noise analog-to-digital converter in two cultural paper machines with a width of 10 meters and a speed of 1600 meters/min in a large paper group

the cleaning device adopts the world's leading American Kaideng technology, which is matched in the paper machine with high speed and ultra wide width, and has good temperature resistance, humidity resistance and reliability. The driving device is made of carbon fiber, and the car body is controlled by frequency conversion. It has large thrust and stable operation, and can realize dry and full coverage spray cleaning

this paper machine usually does not have cleaning equipment. After shutdown, the operator enters the air hood and uses a high-pressure water gun to avoid large losses caused by loose fasteners. Manual cleaning of the dry is labor-intensive, time-consuming, water-consuming, and poor cleaning effect, which affects the quality of paper products. At the same time, the operation is also dangerous. ABS must have good formability, strong surface flatness, good weldability and good bake hardenability

after using the Kaideng offline cleaning device, it only needs to carry out automatic cleaning for about 15 minutes after each shutdown, which can achieve a new cleaning effect, save time and energy, and improve production efficiency

with less investment and quick effect, this device is the preferred scheme for the dry cleaning transformation of most cultures and special paper machines

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