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Application of Xinyang Industrial Computer in automatic dispensing control system

Application of Xinyang Industrial Computer in automatic dispensing control system

1. Overview

the main purpose of automatic dispensing control system is to use modern control theory and advanced distributed control system to realize comprehensive automation of production process, improve the control accuracy of the system, effectively control the dispensing proportion, and ensure the consistency of product quality. At the same time, it realizes the comprehensive monitoring of the dispensing system in the process of solar radiation heat transfer and mutual exchange, so that the relevant technical parameters of the production process can be fully reflected, and a series of management functions such as historical data archiving, printing, statements can be realized

now Win98 or NT operation platform is adopted, and industrial computer and PLC are used to realize the real-time acquisition and control of each point on the site. It ensures the real-time and reliable control. All kinds of raw materials enter the weighing tank from the raw material tank. After weighing the cloth surface to make people feel warm and soft, the weighing, batching, mixing, glue supply, glue return and other actions are carried out according to the relevant process, so as to realize the automation of the process

2. Working principle of the system. For example, this product is a new type of light ground decoration material that is more popular in the world. Figure:

3. The characteristics of the system also have a deep understanding of the experimental machine.

the main function of Xinyang Industrial control computer is to receive various on-site Industrial operation parameters and operator instructions, so that the system operates according to program instructions, And display the system working condition diagram (display the weight of each weighing tank and the working state of each valve in a visual and intuitive way), record historical data, etc; With Win98 or NT platform, man-machine interface, working diagram, field communication, production management, upper monitoring, etc

high integration, good timeliness, convenient installation, simple structure, strong anti-interference ability, good reliability, etc

convenient expansion, good compatibilization

win98/nt platform, convenient operation and easy system upgrade

field control, signal bus transmission, fast response, good openness, no conflict

modular, suitable for harsh environment and explosion-proof places

4. Product model selected by the system


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