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Application of Zhongxing measurement and control pressure and inclination sensor in hydraulic support

hydraulic support is not only the support equipment of comprehensive mechanized coal mining face, but also the key equipment of comprehensive mining. For a long time, due to the restriction of domestic basic industry level and the influence of insufficient capital investment, the hydraulic supports produced in China are mostly manually operated. Although the manually operated hydraulic support has low manufacturing cost and simple operation, it moves slowly and has low production efficiency; Moreover, due to the poor underground working environment, safety accidents are prone to occur

in recent years, with the development of computer and automatic control technology, the automation of coal mining technology and equipment has become increasingly mature, and the electro-hydraulic control technology of hydraulic support has also developed. Compared with manual operation, the electro-hydraulic control system has many unparalleled advantages before plastic profiles are extruded, such as fast frame moving speed, which can effectively cooperate with coal mining equipment, so as to greatly improve the production efficiency; It can realize automatic operation, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the working conditions of workers, so as to reduce the operators of the working face; It can solve the production process problems under special geological conditions and difficult production conditions, and is conducive to ensuring personal safety. The hydraulic support electro-hydraulic control system can not only automatically control the action of the hydraulic support, but also realize the adjacent support or remote control of the hydraulic support, thus providing the possibility for the realization of underground unmanned working face. It is these outstanding advantages that, under the urgent need of the national coal mine safety production situation, at present, more and more hydraulic support manufacturers begin to increase the investment in the electro-hydraulic control system

the electro-hydraulic control system of hydraulic support is a system with electronic devices such as single-chip microcomputer, sensors and hydraulic circuit control components, which can control the automatic action of hydraulic support according to production needs. The sensor part is mainly pressure sensor and inclination sensor

the pressure sensor is used to detect the pressure value of the front and rear pillars and the front extension beam of the hydraulic support; The inclination sensor is used to detect the inclination angle values of the x-axis and Y-axis of the horizontal plane of the hydraulic support. The general requirements of the commonly used hydraulic support electro-hydraulic control system for pressure and inclination sensors are:

pressure measurement range: 0 ~ 60 MPa, more than 2 times the overpressure capacity

inclination measurement range: ± 30 °, biaxial

detection accuracy: ± 1%

in addition, the system also requires the sensor to have small temperature error, good frequency characteristics and fast response speed, so as to accurately measure the change state of pressure and realize the accurate control of hydraulic support

the cs-pt2000 pressure transmitter and cs-ps3000 series pressure sensor independently developed by Xi'an Zhongxing measurement and Control Co., Ltd. are specially designed for the detection of hydraulic supports. They have the characteristics of good stability, high accuracy and reliability, and are ingenious in structure, which is convenient for rapid disassembly and assembly. The products have passed the intrinsic safety certification, explosion-proof certification and CE certification, and are widely used in the coal mining machinery industry

cs-pt2000 pressure transmitter main technical parameters are as follows:

conventional value remarks

pressure range 60MPa 1MPa ≈ 145psi

overload pressure 2 times rated pressure

destruction pressure 4 times rated pressure

precision ± 0.5% F.S

stability typical value 0.25% F.S, Maximum value: 0.4% F.S

service temperature - 40 ℃ ~+85 ℃

compensation temperature - 10 ℃ ~+70 ℃

media compatibility all corrosive media compatible with 1Cr18Ni9Ti

electrical performance two-wire system three wire system

output signal 4~20ma 0~5v 0~10v

power supply 10~30vdc 10~30vdc/ac 12~30vdc/ac vdc/ac, which means AC and DC

load resistance (u-5)/0.02 ()> 100k

insulation> 100m, 500V

electrical connector din43650, shell protection IP65, commonly known as Hessman plug

aviation plug GX, shell protection IP45, commonly known as quick connect plug

waterproof outlet (five level waterproof seal), shell protection IP68

pressure interface kj10, g1/2, npt1/2

response time 10ms

pressure form gauge pressure g, sealed gauge pressure s

certification project intrinsically safe e, flameproof D EU electrical safety standard ce

electromagnetic compatibility electromagnetic emission: en/-2; Electromagnetic sensitivity: en

according to the different needs of customers, Zhongxing company has also specially developed an economical cs-ps3000 series pressure sensor. The main technical indicators are as follows:

range: 60MPa

input impedance: 350 Ω, four 350 Ω bridges

sensitivity: 1.0-1.2mv/v

accuracy: 0.5%

zero point: ≤ 80 μ V ;

temperature zero point: ≤ 0.2/10 ℃

working voltage: ≤ 15V DC

service temperature: - 40 ℃ ~+85 ℃

lead length: 350mm

red line: power supply "+" TJC

blue line: power supply "-" TJC

yellow line: signal "+" TJC

green line: signal "-" TJC

overall dimension: the same as cs-pt2000

cs-2tas-02 dual axis inclinometer independently developed by Xi'an Zhongxing measurement and Control Co., Ltd. is a sensor based on MEMS technology, which is used to measure the inclination of objects relative to the horizontal plane. The two sensitive axes sense the changes of pitch angle and roll angle respectively. The product has the characteristics of high resolution, small volume, low cost, high reliability, and good waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof capabilities. It is suitable for platform level measurement, precision inclination measurement, mechanical equipment level measurement and laboratory instrument adjustment. At present, it is widely used in mining machinery, coal mining machinery industry, hydraulic support and other equipment. The main technical indicators are as follows:

input voltage (VDC) 5 ± 0.25

input current (MA) <40

measurement range (°) ± 45 (optional ± 20, ± 40, ± 60, ± 75)

accuracy (°) 0.2 (at 25 ℃, within ± 20 ° measurement range)

resolution (°) 0.05

bandwidth mold temperature Melt temperature must also change (Hz) 10

nonlinear (%) FS) 0.3

zero bias temperature drift (°/℃) 0.01

start time (s) <0.5

interface type RS-485

data output format 16 bit binary complement

working temperature (℃) -40 ~ + 70

weight (g) 50 (end)

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