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Application of production technology of wide width laser holographic packaging materials

wide width laser holographic packaging materials are contemporary high-tech products that combine molding holographic technology with optical, chemical, mechanical and vacuum technology. In the national standard of spring testing machine, the product expands the technology and application of laser molding holography, transferring lifelike and dazzling three-dimensional holographic images and various colorful holographic grating patterns to various plastic films such as pet, PVC, OPP or paper base materials. Because the width is more than 50 cm, it can be matched with the traditional printing process and combined with the holographic characteristics to print exquisite, direct, fast and efficient products. This product has strong applicability, low price, no pollution, high finish, convenient use, strange and strong visual effect, and is widely used. Where traditional printing and packaging materials are applicable, they are basically applicable, for example. Among them, paper-based products cater to the current trend of green packaging and have strong technical advantages

wide width laser holographic packaging materials can be applied to the beautification of commodity promotion and the beautification of family life; It can be used for food, medicine, tobacco, wine and other packaging decoration; It can be used for the beautification of banknotes, securities anti-counterfeiting, birthday cards, commemorative cards, travel commemorations, cartoon patterns, children's toys and stationery. This product has attracted the attention of Commerce, tourism, domestic and foreign trade, publishing, packaging and other industries, and has strong competitiveness in the market. Therefore, all developed countries have carried out the research and development of this product

this product is a high-tech, high value-added product with laser holographic technology as the core. It is an international high-tech industry with a wide range of applications. It has a broad market and good prospects for both domestic and export

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