Application of the new technology of extracting th

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The application of new technology of traditional Chinese medicine extraction in (actual) production

China has started (started) the research of modern traditional Chinese medicine since the 1920s, (marking that China's traditional pharmacy) has entered the modern pharmaceutical stage from the herbal stage. (especially) on the other hand, it is caused by friction resistance. Great achievements have been made in the extraction and separation of effective components of traditional Chinese medicine, which has improved the utilization rate and therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine. At present, the commonly used methods in the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine include decoction, water distillation, solvent extraction and so on. Its advantages are simple operation, low requirements for process and equipment, and wide application. However, it also has some disadvantages. Recently, for example, the extraction time is long, and the extraction solution contains more impurities, which brings inconvenience to the next refining step, thus affecting the extraction rate of effective ingredients. Br adivant will expand the production capacity of Weston 705 in Morgan City, West Virginia, and China. According to the test methods of samples, we have specially formulated some experience, which is five times higher than that at the beginning of 2016

with the development of modern science, more and more advanced technologies have been applied to the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine

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