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Application of torque motor in steel wire surface treatment equipment

ylj, ydlj series torque three-phase asynchronous motor is a special motor with soft mechanical characteristics and wide speed regulation range. When the load increases, the speed of the motor can automatically decrease, while the output torque increases to maintain balance with the load. The torque motor has high locked rotor torque and low locked rotor current, and can withstand locked rotor operation for a certain period of time. Due to the high resistance, high loss and large heat generated by the rotor, especially in low-speed operation and locked rotor, the motor is equipped with an independent axial flow or centrifugal fan on the rear end cover (except for 100 frame number and below with small output torque) for forced ventilation and cooling. The torque motor is equipped with silicon controlled control device, which can adjust the pressure and speed, with the speed range of 1:4 and the speed change rate ≤ 10%. The characteristics of this series of motors make them suitable for winding, uncoiling, locked rotor, speed regulation and other purposes. They are widely used in textile, wire and cable, metal processing, red making, rubber, plastic, printing machinery and other industrial fields

I. take up:

surface treatment of metal wire is a very important process. During product winding, the diameter of the drum gradually increases, and it is very important to keep the tension of the rolled product unchanged throughout the process, because excessive tension will narrow or even break the wire diameter of the wire, or cause uneven thickness of the product, while too small tension can cause winding relaxation. To make the piston stop rising at this time of winding; During the winding process, the tension remains unchanged, and the output torque of the motor driving the drum must increase when the diameter of the product wound to the reel increases. At the same time, in order to maintain the line speed of the wound product unchanged, the speed of the reel must be reduced accordingly, and the mechanical characteristics of the torque motor just meet this requirement

torque motor has advantages when taking up:

1. The tension remains stable from empty disc to full disc

2. It is convenient to adjust the tension, and it can be repeated correctly after one adjustment

3. Reliable structure, convenient maintenance, simple control and operation, low cost

II. Paying off (braking constant power characteristics)

uncoiling is also known as unwinding, unwinding, paying off, etc. In industrial production, it is sometimes necessary to transport the products wound on the drum to the next process. During the conveying process, it is required to apply a tension opposite to the transmission direction to the product, and at the same time, it is required to keep the normal tension constant at the linear speed and reverse @b speed of the product transmission with the change of the cylinder diameter, which requires the motor to have the braking constant power characteristic. By using the mechanical characteristics of the torque motor in the braking state, the rolled products can be loosened and then processed, which can prevent the quality of the products from being affected by loose and tight during the uncoiling process. Its principle is the same as that of taking up

III. stepless speed regulation

the mechanical characteristics of the torque motor are very soft. When the load increases, the speed of the motor decreases, and the output force removes the old broach, and the torque increases, while the output torque is proportional to the square of the voltage. If the load is fixed, the speed of the motor will change with the voltage. Therefore, on the device with constant load, as long as the input voltage of the motor is changed through the voltage regulator, any speed that can improve the concentration of Chinese paper enterprises can be obtained. However, when the torque motor operates at low speed, its efficiency is extremely low, which is not conducive to long-term low-speed operation

IV. locked rotor

torque motor can also be flexibly applied according to its various characteristics. For example, it has the characteristics of current series excited motor, which can partially replace DC motor; Another example is that its rotor has high resistance characteristics and large starting (locked rotor) torque, so it can be applied to the opening and closing of gate (valve) and the driving system with large resistance torque; It can also be used in devices with frequent forward and reverse rotation or various machines with similar actions by taking advantage of its large starting (locked rotor) torque, small starting (locked rotor) current and high mechanical strength of solid rotor

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